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German Kaiser Wilhelm II dressed as a Turkish Field MarshalThe purpose of this website is to provide a summary overview of the First World War.  Necessarily a long-term undertaking - and approaching ten years in the making - a significant amount of material remains to be covered.

Whole aspects of the conflict are light on material at present - rest assured, this is not deliberate: in time the intent is that it should all find its place on the site.

A word of caution however; this is by no means an academic website.  It's authored as spare time permits and is geared towards a general rather than scholarly readership.  Given this, it is not recommended that this site be used for academic reference purposes for school or university papers.  This does not so much indicate a concerning lack of authorial confidence in the accuracy of site content as an acknowledgement that material on the site has not been submitted for formal peer review.

Sources, references and suggested further reading can be found by clicking here.

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In WW1 an "ace" was a pilot who scored five confirmed "kills".

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