Feature Articles - Introduction

British air ace Captain Albert Ball Contained within this section are featured articles encompassing a wide variety of aspects of the war, and which do not fall within one of the categories listed on the sidebar visible to your left.

For example there are summaries of the famed Christmas Truce of 1914, plus the story of the Zimmermann Telegram which was a key factor in driving the United States towards war.

Then there's the story of Henry Tandey, the British private soldier who was presented with the opportunity of shooting Adolf Hitler during the early stages of the war, but instead showed mercy.

Article Description
ArticleMountain Fury Simon Rees on the Austro-Hungarian campaign at Trentino
ArticleBirds in the Birdcage Loretta Proctor on writing about the Allies in Salonika
ArticleWomen and World War One Sara Martin's analysis of the wartime role of women
ArticleBeating For Light Geoff Akers on writing a novel about Isaac Rosenberg
ArticleThe Iron Harvest Diane Wilson's account of her book about Talbot House
ArticleThe Bloodhounds of Berlin Recounting of the Spartacist uprising in Berlin in 1918/19
ArticleThe Passchendaele Archives Appeal by the Memorial Museum, Zonnebeke
ArticleMunich 1919 A detailed account of its collapse into revolution
ArticleA Good Idea of Hell Review of new edition of Robert Pellisier's wartime letters
ArticleThe Forgotten Army Role of the light draught horse and mule during wartime
ArticleThe Easter Rising, Dublin 1916 Detailed summary of the movement for Irish independence
ArticleIn Search of the Horbury Soldiers Account of a pilgrimage to France and Flanders
ArticleThe Memorable Order of Tin Hats Story of an irreverent post-war veterans' organisation
ArticleThe Zimmermann Telegram Contemporary commentary published in 1921
ArticleA Slow Fuse: Hitler's Wartime Service Adolf Hitler's wartime service explored
ArticleThe Life of Evelina Haverfield The remarkable life of the British suffragette
ArticleLions of the Great War Account of the service of Sikhs during WW1
ArticleFinding Private Adams Wartime career of a machine gunner
ArticleTheodore Lukis and the Lukis Trophy Life and times of Dr Lukis and his legacy
ArticleThe Most Popular War in History Background to recruitment in England
ArticleSpain During the First World War Summary of Spain's involvement
ArticleVimy Ridge Today Simon Rees' summary of a visit to Vimy Ridge
ArticleThailand During the First World War Background to Siam's involvement
ArticleAlfred Shout V.C. Story of Australia's most decorated hero at Gallipoli
ArticleRepression of War Experience Psychiatrist W.H. Rivers' renowned 1917 paper
ArticleWilliam Jackson, Australia's Youngest V.C. Story of the controversy surrounding his war medals
ArticlePrivate Harry Dalziel V.C. How Private Harry Dalziel earned his V.C. in 1918
ArticleScuttling at Scapa Flow Sinking of the German High Seas Fleet
ArticleDisputed Sexuality of T. E. Lawrence How his war experiences have led researchers astray
ArticleHow a Right Can Make a Wrong How Private Henry Tandey saved Hitler's life
ArticleKitchener's Lost Staff Campaign to commemorate Kitchener's staff
ArticleThe English Camp Internment of British soldiers at Groningen
ArticleBelgian Air Service Role of the Belgian Air Service during wartime
ArticleDespatches of Douglas Haig Text of British C-in-C's wartime despatches in full
ArticleMeuse-Argonne Offensive of 1918 Discussion of U.S. involvement at Meuse-Argonne
ArticleWilliam Stones - Executed at Dawn Story of William Stones' execution
ArticleRainbow Warriors Tracking down details of men of Iowa's 168 Brigade
ArticleAir Aces of World War One Famed fighter pilots of the air war
ArticleMilitary Casualties of World War One Number of dead, wounded and missing by country
ArticlePrincipal Actions of World War One List of primary events, actions and offensives 1914-18
ArticleWho Declared War and When Rundown of war declarations by nation
ArticleHow the Great War was Lost - and Found Release of the renowned 1960s BBC series on VHS/DVD
ArticleForgotten Boys of the Aisne British contribution on the Chemin des Dames
ArticleLife in the Trenches Daily routine of trench life
ArticleChristmas Truce Unofficial Christmas Truce in 1914
ArticleJuly Crisis Examines the events of July 1914
ArticleCauses of World War One Looks at the roots of the Great War
ArticleThe Armistice Details the background to Armistice Day
ArticleThe Unknown Warrior Story of Britain's Unknown Warrior
ArticleThe Planning of the War Discusses the major powers' war plans
ArticleMinor Powers During World War One Role of the oft-forgotten nations
ArticleZimmermann Telegram How Germany and Mexico viewed war with America
ArticleRMS Lusitania: The Fateful Voyage How and why the Lusitania was sunk
ArticleBrave Little Belgium Overview of the Belgian struggle
ArticleWoodrow Wilson's Administration Overview of the U.S. President's two terms
ArticleWilly-Nicky Telegrams The Kaiser to the Tsar and the Tsar to the Kaiser
ArticleInauguration of the Menin Gate 1927 Story of the opening of the Menin Gate in Ypres
ArticleA Profile of Sir Julian Byng Biographical sketch of General Byng
ArticleLife of General John J. Pershing Overview of the life of the U.S. AEF Commander-in-Chief
ArticleTrench Slang of the Western Front Explanation of terms such as 'Blighty Ones'
ArticleCapture of Hill 60 in 1916 Story of a raid on infamous hill near Ypres
ArticleSatirical Magazines of the First World War British magazine humour during wartime
ArticleGerman Responsibility for War Role of Germany in starting the war
ArticleMarshal Foch and the Cult of the Offensive An examination of French General Ferdinand Foch
ArticleGermany During World War One Like in Wilhelm II's Germany from 1914-18
ArticleIf Germany Had Won World War One... A 'what if' scenario...
ArticleNew Zealand and Memory of the Great War An examination of New Zealand's role
ArticleHistory of the 13th Battalion Black Watch Canadian Black Watch's role in the war
ArticleAustralian Flying Corps Story of the AFC during World War One
ArticleCanadian Expeditionary Force Central Ontario Regiment
ArticleBalkan Causes of World War One Examination of causes of the war
ArticleU.S. Propaganda in the First World War Story of U.S. wartime propaganda
ArticleGermany's Use of Chemical Weapons How poison gas was introduced to the Western Front
ArticleNew Zealand's Birth as a Nation How the war helped New Zealand come of age

A 'flying pig' was a mortar bomb.

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