Who's Who - Introduction

Who's Who No history of the First World War would be especially intelligible without a Who's Who gallery of its primary protagonists.  This section of the website goes some way towards providing background information on the people who shaped events and perceptions.

Each biography contained within this section is assigned to one of the following sub-categories:

Category Description
BiographyRoyalty Monarchs and their heirs
BiographyPoliticians Political figures who prosecuted or opposed the war
BiographyCommanders Military leaders who oversaw battlefield strategy
BiographyAir Aces & Commanders The new form of battle - war in the air
BiographyProse & Poetry Authors who wrote about the war as they saw it
BiographyMiscellaneous Miscellaneous biographical sketches
BiographyA-Z Listing Complete listing of all profiles
BiographyBy Country Listing of profiles country by country

In addition to the kind of entries you would expect to see - royalty and military commanders (a role often combined in Kaiser Wilhelm II's German army) - there are listings for national politicians - and for numerous scientific and literary figures.

The folio of biographical entries listed by category in the side-bar to the right is by no means complete.  Many of the chief figures are there, but it continues to grow.

A "creeping barrage" is an artillery bombardment in which a 'curtain' of artillery fire moves toward the enemy ahead of the advancing troops and at the same speed as the troops.

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Who's Who