Battles - Introduction

The Battles This section contains details of significant battles and action fought during the First World War.

Given the number of actions involved, each has been categorised by its theatre of operation: thus the Somme offensive is listed within the 'Western Front', whereas Tannenberg can be found within 'Eastern Front'.

Battles are listed within one or more of the following categories:

Category Description
ArticleThe Western Front Includes struggles at Verdun, Ypres and the Somme
ArticleThe Eastern Front Includes the Russian calamity at Tannenberg
ArticleThe Gallipoli Front Failed Allied campaign for the peninsular
ArticleThe Italian Front Continuous series of battles of the Isonzo
ArticleThe Palestine Front The Suez and the Allied march on Jerusalem
ArticleThe Mesopotamian Front Includes the innumerable struggles around Kut
ArticleThe African Wars How Lettow-Vorbeck evaded the Allies for four years
ArticleThe War at Sea Including the biggest naval battle of all, Jutland
ArticleThe Far East Includes the Battle of Tsingtao
ArticleAll Battles by Date Complete listing of all battles and actions

Within each category the battles are listed in date order, and include some of the landmark offensives of the war, such as the disastrous British attack at the Somme, and the monumental French defence at Verdun.

Over time additional battle entries will be added, and will include details of all of the signature offensives; however many lesser known actions will similarly be documented.

Feature Articles Description
ArticlePrincipal Actions of World War One List of primary events, actions and offensives
ArticleWho Declared War and When Rundown of war declarations by nation
ArticleMilitary Casualties Numbers of dead, wounded and missing by country
ArticleThe Meuse-Argonne Offensive of 1918 Overview of U.S. involvement at Meuse-Argonne

Russia mobilised 12 million men during the war; France 8.4 million; Britain 8.9 million; Germany 11 million; Austria-Hungary 7.8 million; Italy 5.6 million; and the USA 4.3 million.

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