The Western Front Today - Introduction

Ulster Tower on the Somme Collected within these pages are many present day photographs taken at battlefield locations and cemeteries located on the Western Front.

Also included is present-day film footage of many renowned sites and military cemeteries.  Thus footage is included from the Menin Gate, Tyne Cot, Hooge, Sanctuary Wood and Hill 60 (among others).  In total there are some 100 samples of modern day film clips.

The table below lists the sections currently available.  Thumbnail views of each photo are initially presented; clicking on any of the photographs (such as the one above) will result in a larger size image being opened in a new browser window.

To browse a collection of vintage footage filmed during the Great War click here.

The Western Front Today (Index A-G)

Battlefield Site Region
Article16th Irish Division Memorial, Wytschaete Ypres Salient
Article18th Div Memorial, Clapham Junction Ypres Salient
Article18th Div Memorial, Thiepval Somme
Article18th Div Memorial, Trones Wood Somme
Article19th 'Butterfly' Division Memorial Ypres Salient
Article1st Australian Division Memorial Somme
Article1st DCLI (The Bluff) Cemetery Ypres Salient
Article29th Division Monument Somme
Article41st Division Memorial, Flers Somme
Article47th London Division Memorial Somme
Article49th (West Riding) Division Memorial Ypres Salient
Article5th Australian Division Memorial Ypres Salient
Article50th Northumbrian Division Memorial Ypres Salient
Article51st Division Monument Somme
Article7th Division Memorial Ypres Salient
Article85th Canadian Infantry Battalion Memorial Ypres Salient
ArticleAeroplane Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleAIF Burial Ground Somme
ArticleAlbert Somme
ArticleAncre Cemetery Somme
ArticleArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders Memorial Somme
ArticleAuchonvillers Cemetery Somme
ArticleAuthuille Cemetery Somme
ArticleAveluy Wood Cemetery Somme
ArticleBeaumont-Hamel Cemetery Somme
ArticleBeaumont-Hamel Memorial Park Somme
ArticleBedford House Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleBerkshire Cemetery Extension Ypres Salient
ArticleBernafay Wood Cemetery Somme
ArticleBethlehem Farm East Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleBethlehem Farm West Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleBirr Cross Roads Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleBlauwepoort Farm Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleBridge House Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleBrooding Soldier Canadian Memorial Ypres Salient
ArticleBull's Road Cemetery Somme
ArticleBus House Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleButte de Warlencourt Somme
ArticleButtes New British Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleCaterpillar Valley Cemetery Somme
ArticleChester Farm Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleConnaught Cemetery Somme
ArticleCourcelette Canadian Memorial Somme
ArticleDelville Wood Cemetery Somme
ArticleDelville Wood South African Memorial Somme
ArticleDiependaalhock Bunker Ypres Salient
ArticleDixmude Trenches of Death Ypres Salient
ArticleDochy Farm New British Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleEssex Farm Ypres Salient
ArticleGloucestershire Memorial Ypres Salient
Article'sGravenstafel New Zealand Memorial Ypres Salient
ArticleGueudecourt Newfoundland Memorial Somme
ArticleGuillemont Road Cemetery Somme

The Western Front Today (Index H-M)

Battlefield Site Region
ArticleHamel Cemetery Somme
ArticleHawthorn Crater Somme
ArticleHawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 1 Somme
ArticleHawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 2 Somme
ArticleHedge Row Trench Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleHellfire Corner Ypres Salient
ArticleHill 60 Ypres Salient
ArticleHill 62 Canadian Memorial Ypres Salient
ArticleHooge Crater Ypres Salient
ArticleHooge Crater Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleHooge Crater Museum Ypres Salient
ArticleHousehold Cavalry Memorial Ypres Salient
ArticleHunter's Cemetery Somme
ArticleHyde Park Corner Ypres Salient
ArticleHyde Park Corner Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleIrish House Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleIsland of Ireland Ypres Salient
ArticleKruisstraat Craters Ypres Salient
ArticleLangemarck Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleLankhof Farm Bunkers Ypres Salient
ArticleLarch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleLe Touquet Railway Crossing Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleLille Gate Ypres Salient
ArticleLille Ramparts Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleLochnagar Crater Somme
ArticleLondon Cemetery & Extension Somme
ArticleLone Tree Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleLongueval New Zealand Memorial Somme
ArticleLonsdale Cemetery Somme
ArticleMaple Copse Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleMartinpuich Cemetery Somme
ArticleMenin Gate Ypres Salient
ArticleMenin Road South Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleMessines Mine 1955 Ypres Salient
ArticleMessines Ridge Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleMill Road Cemetery Somme
ArticleMud Corner Cemetery Ypres Salient

The Western Front Today (Index N-Z)

Battlefield Site Region
ArticleNew British Passchendaele Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleNew Zealand Memorial and Park/Bunkers Ypres Salient
ArticleOosttaverne Wood Cemetery Somme
ArticleOvillers Cemetery Somme
ArticleOxford Road Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticlePeckham Crater Ypres Salient
ArticlePerth (China Wall) Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticlePloegsteert Memorial to the Missing Ypres Salient
ArticlePloegsteert Wood Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticlePolygon Wood Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticlePolygon Wood New Zealand Memorial Ypres Salient
ArticlePool of Peace Ypres Salient
ArticlePotijze Burial Ground Ypres Salient
ArticlePotijze Chateau Lawn/Grounds Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticlePozieres Cemetery Somme
ArticlePozieres Mill Australian Memorial Somme
ArticleProwse Point Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleRailway Dugout Burial Ground Ypres Salient
ArticleRed Baron Crash Site Somme
ArticleRifle House Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleSanctuary Wood Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleSanctuary Wood Museum Ypres Salient
ArticleShrapnel Corner Ypres Salient
ArticleSomer Farm Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleSomme River Somme
ArticleSpanbroekmolen Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleSpoilbank Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleSt Charles de Potyze Ypres Salient
ArticleSt Eloi Craters Ypres Salient
ArticleSt George's Memorial Church Ypres Salient
ArticleSunken Lane Somme
ArticleTancrez Farm Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleTanks Corps Memorial Somme
ArticleThiepval Memorial to the Missing Somme
ArticleToronto Avenue Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleTransport Farm Ypres Salient
ArticleTuilleries Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleTyne Cot Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleUlster Tower Somme
ArticleUnderhill Farm Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleVoormezeele Encl 1 & 2 Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleVoormezeele Encl 3 Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleWarlencourt Cemetery Somme
ArticleWhite House Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleWieltje Farm Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleWoods Cemetery Ypres Salient
ArticleWytschaete Cemetery Ypres Salient
Article'Y' Ravine Cemetery Somme
ArticleYpres Cloth Hall Ypres Salient

Film footage is available in Adobe Flash format. If you experience difficulties during playback be sure to load the latest Flash player available on the Adobe website.

The photographs and footage were taken during recent visits to Belgium and France.  Summary notes accompany many photographs giving relevant background information.

German losses at Messines were 25,000, of which 7,500 were taken prisoner.  British casualties were 17,000 killed or wounded.

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