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Colourised portrait of U.S. Commander-in-Chief John Pershing This section of the site offers an A to Z listing of all manner of World War I material.  The encyclopedia currently includes some 3,100 entries chiefly comprised from other areas of the site.

The encyclopedia by no means supersedes other sections - when looking for a particular bio or information upon (for example) weaponry in general it is usually quicker and easier to go directly to the relevant section; likewise when browsing for details of battles fought in a particular theatre, e.g. the Italian Front.

Note however that an increasing number of articles - such as that outlining the use of the so-called Bangalore Torpedo - are added here on a standalone basis and are not associated with any other site section.

Use the sidebar to the right to access material catalogued in the encyclopedia, listed alphabetically.

A 'Tour' was a period of front-line service.

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