Battlefield Maps - Introduction

Trench map No history of the First World War is complete - and often hardly comprehensible - without the benefit of battlefield maps.

The Great War was fought on so many fronts, with single battles often fought across tens of miles, that most text-based summaries (even with the aid of audio and video) prove insufficient without recourse to summary maps.

This section of the website reproduces large-scale maps covering the key battles and offensives on all fronts of the war from 1914-18.

Each map was originally produced by the Department of Art and Military Engineering at the U.S. Military Academy - i.e. West Point - in 1950.  This collection was published as A Short Military History of World War I - Atlas and edited by T. Dodson Stamps and Vincent J. Esposito.

The sidebar to the right lists each map category available within the section.

Map Name Description Standard Large Very Large
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Click here to view a collection of maps produced within various publications while the war was still underway.

The German word "U-Boat" was derived from "Unterseeboot" (undersea boat).

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