Vintage Audio - From The Battlefields of France

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Reproduced below is the message recorded by U.S. Commander-in-Chief John Pershing in 1918 entitled From the Battlefields of France.

Pershing's speech - a brief message in actuality - essentially served as a rallying effort intended to boost the recruitment effort back home in the U.S.

Use the player above to listen to a recording of Pershing's speech from 1918.

From the Battlefields of France

Three thousand miles from home, an American army is fighting for you. Everything you hold worthwhile is at stake.

Only the hardest blows can win against the enemy we are fighting.

Invoking the spirit of our forefathers, the army asks your unshrinking support, to the end that the high ideals for which America stands may endure upon the earth.

A Runner was a soldier who carried messages by hand.

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