Memoirs & Diaries - The Best 500 Cockney War Stories - Here and There

Here and There section of "The Best 500 Cockney War Stories" Published in London in 1921, The Best 500 Cockney War Stories comprised, in the words of its newspaper publisher (The London Evening News) "a remembering and retelling of those war days when laughter sometimes saved men's reason".

The collection of short memoirs, some 500 in total, is divided into five categories - Action, Lull, Hospital, High Seas and Here and There.

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Summarised below is a list of the story pages available within the fifth of these categories, Here and There:

Answered and four other stories
"...Wouldn't Come Off" and four other stories
The Apology and four other stories
An American Hustle and four other stories
Jack and his Jack Johnsons and two other stories

A "biff" was a Bristol fighter plane.

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