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Evelina Haverfield Because of her athletic prowess, positive outlook, and vital personality, Evelina never lacked for male companions.  The names of a few appear in her diaries, but with no indication of any amorous attachment, with one exception.  On July 8,1899 she wrote:

"I married Major Balguy R.A. with no intention of changing my name or mode of life in any way.  He is an old friend of my darling Jack's.  The ceremony took place at Caundle Marsh Church in the presence of Mrs. C., my "parlour boarder", and of Shepherd, my groom."

It was a second marriage for both of them, and both had children from their previous unions.  Evelina negotiated the terms of this eccentric marriage even to legally retaining her Haverfield name while married to Balguy.

She maintained her home, Marsh Court, near Sherborne, and John Balguy maintained residences in Felixstowe and London.  He and his daughters stayed at Marsh Court from time to time, and the Haverfield boys paid occasional visits to the Balguys in London.

When Evelina and Balguy travelled out of England, they lived together, which at times created some notoriety because of their different names!  After about ten years of this tentative relationship, they apparently each went their own ways, legally married but permanently separated.

During the Boer War, Evelina followed Major Balguy to South Africa, where he was serving with the British Army.  She acted as an assistant to her husband who was responsible for enforcing martial law in a large farming district.  She accompanied him on horseback as he made his rounds, and also participated in regular rifle practice, finding the experience of living and working in a military zone exhilarating and exciting.

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A "Grand Slam" was British slang for an impending attack or battle.

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