Primary Documents - King Ferdinand's Proclamation to the Romanian Army, 28 August 1916

King Ferdinand I of Romania Reproduced below is the official proclamation issued to the Romanian Army by King Ferdinand.

Published on the day war against Austria-Hungary was officially announced by Prime Minister Ion Bratianu, the King's proclamation alerted his people to the sacrifices ahead, but pointed to the great gains made possible by a successful outcome.

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Proclamation by King Ferdinand to the Army, 28 August 1916


I have summoned you to carry your standards beyond the frontier, where our brothers are waiting for you impatiently and with hearts filled with hope.

The memory of the Great Voivodes Michael the Brave and Stephen the Great, whose remains lie in the earth which you are going to set free, call you to victory as men worthy of the victors of Razboeni, Capugareeni, and Paehna.

I have summoned you to fight side by side with the men of the great nations to which we are allied.  A desperate struggle awaits you.  We shall bear these hardships manfully, and with God's help victory will be ours.

Show yourselves worthy of the glory of your ancestors.  In the centuries to come the whole race will bless you and sing your praises.


Source: Source Records of the Great War, Vol. V, ed. Charles F. Horne, National Alumni 1923

A "red cap" was a British military policeman.

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