Timeline - 1919

German observation post disguised as a tree The First World War spanned four years and involved many nation states.

This section lists the events of the year 1919, the year after the war ended.  It was the year of the Paris Peace Conference, of the signing of the peace at Versailles.  The terms of the peace treaty imposed upon Germany by the victorious Allies led, many historians argue, to the rise of Hitler and the advent of war in 1939, such was Germany's sense of injustice.

It is notable however that the French government (among others) felt that the terms of the peace were not severe enough.

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Date Event
TimelineJanuary 10-15 Communist revolt in Berlin
TimelineJanuary 18 Start of peace negotiations in Paris
TimelineJanuary 25 Peace conference accepts principle of a League of Nations
TimelineFebruary 6 German National Assembly meets in Weimar
TimelineFebruary 14 Draft covenant of League of Nations completed
TimelineMay 6 Peace conference disposes of German colonies
TimelineMay 7 - June 28 Treaty of Versailles drafted and signed
TimelineJune 21 German High Seas Fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow
TimelineJuly 19 Cenotaph is unveiled in London

A 'flying pig' was a mortar bomb.

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