Who's Who - Maurice Bizot

Maurice Bizot Maurice Bizot (1896-1925) achieved ten victories as a French air ace in 1918, specialising as a so-called 'balloon buster'.

Born on 5 November 1896 in Puechabon, Bizot enlisted with the French Army in early January 1915 and served with the artillery.  Seeking and receiving a transfer to the air service some two years later in May 1917, Bizot obtained his pilot's license within three months, on 15 August.

In October the same year he was assigned to N90 where he served alongside the successful balloon hunter Jean Ambrogi.

During 1918 Bizot was responsible for bringing down three enemy German aircraft and seven observation balloons (the first on 30 July 1918).  Attacking the latter was regarded as a particularly dangerous activity given the fact that balloons were usually heavily defended by anti-aircraft fire in addition to patrol aircraft.

Bizot, who was awarded the Medaille Militaire and the Legion d'Honneur, survived the war, unlike many of his colleagues, but as with so many airmen he nevertheless died at an early age, on 27 November 1925, aged 29.

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