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Count Leopold von Berchtold This sub-section of the Who's Who category of the site contains folio biographies of the politicians who guided belligerent nations throughout four years of war from 1914-18.

They include entries for the two British wartime Prime Ministers, the U.S. President (and his two secretaries of state), plus the three German Chancellors who found themselves subordinated to the German military machine.

In addition to the biographies presented below, click here to view contemporary photographs of politicians within the Vintage Photographs section of the site.

Biographies Description
Austria-HungaryViktor Adler Social Democrat
United KingdomSir William Maxwell Aitken Minister of Information
New ZealandSir James Allen Minister of Defence
Austria-HungaryJulius Andrassy Foreign Minister
United KingdomHerbert Henry Asquith Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryMoritz von Auffenberg Minister of War
FranceJean Augagneur Minister of Marine
RomaniaAlexandru Averescu Prime Minister
GermanyPrince Max von Baden Chancellor
United States of AmericaNewton Baker Secretary of War
United KingdomArthur Balfour Foreign Secretary
Austria-HungaryOtto Bauer Foreign Secretary
United KingdomLord Beaverbrook Minister of Information
CzechoslovakiaEduard Benes Foreign Minister
Austria-HungaryCount Leopold von Berchtold Foreign Minister
GermanyCount von Bernstorff Ambassador to U.S.
GermanyTheobald von Bethmann-Hollweg Chancellor
GermanyOtto von Bismarck 19th Century Chancellor
United KingdomAndrew Bonar Law Conservative Leader
CanadaSir Robert Borden Prime Minister
ItalyPaolo Boselli Prime Minister
South AfricaLouis Botha Prime Minister
RomaniaIon Bratianu Prime Minister
FranceAristide Briand Prime Minister
BelgiumBaron Charles de Broqueville Prime Minister
United KingdomLord Bryce Author, Bryce Report
Austria-HungaryCount Istvan Burian von Rajecz Foreign Minister
United States of AmericaWilliam Jennings Bryan Secretary of State
United KingdomJohn Buchan Director of Information
FranceJoseph Caillaux Prime Minister
FrancePaul Cambon Foreign Minister
GermanyEduard von Capelle Naval Minister
United KingdomSir Edward Carson Leader, UVF
United KingdomSir Winston Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty
Austria-HungaryHeinrich von Clam-Martinic Prime Minister
FranceGeorges Clemenceau Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryOttokar Czernin Foreign Minister
ItalyAlfredo Dallolio Minister of Munitions
United States of AmericaJosephus Daniels Secretary of the Navy
ItalyGabriele D'Annunzio Politician/Soldier
FranceAugustin Boue de Lapeyrere Minister of War
FranceTheophile Delcasse Minister for Foreign Affairs
United KingdomLord Derby Minister of War
Ottoman EmpireMehmed Djaved Bey Finance Minister
Ottoman EmpireAhmed Djemal Pasha Military Governor of Syria
Austria-HungaryConstantin Dumba Ambassador to US
GermanyFriedrich Ebert Chancellor
Ottoman EmpireEnver Pasha Minister of War
GermanyMatthias Erzberger Politician
AustraliaAndrew Fisher Prime Minister
United States of AmericaLindley Garrison Secretary of War
United KingdomSir Auckland Geddes Minister of National Service
United KingdomSir Eric Geddes First Lord of the Admiralty
United States of AmericaGermanyJames W. Gerard U.S. Ambassador to Germany
RussiaIvan Goremykin Prime Minister
United KingdomSir Edward Grey Foreign Secretary
RussiaIvan Grigorovich Naval Minister
GermanyWilhelm Groener General
RussiaAlexander Guchkov Minister of War
GermanyHugo Haase Co-chairman of SPD Party
United KingdomLord Haldane Lord Chancellor
United States of AmericaWarren G Harding President
IrelandAlfred Harmsworth Director of Propaganda
GermanyKarl Helfferich Minister of Finance/Interior
GermanyCount Hertling Chancellor
GermanyPaul von Hintze Foreign Minister
Austria-HungaryMiklos Horthy de Nagybanya Regent
United States of AmericaColonel House Special Advisor to President Wilson
AustraliaBilly Hughes Prime Minister
CanadaSam Hughes Minister of Militia and Defence
Austria-HungaryBaron Max Hussarek von Heinlein Prime Minister
BelgiumPaul Hymans Foreign Secretary
Ottoman EmpireAhmed Izzet Pasha Grand Vizier
GermanyGottlieb von Jagow Foreign Minister
FranceJean Jaures Socialist Party Leader
Austria-HungaryCount Karolyi Prime Minister
Ottoman EmpireMustafa Kemal Pasha Post-war President
RussiaAlexander Kerenski Leader, Prov. Govt.
United KingdomLord Kitchener Minister of War
RussiaAlexander Krivoshein Minister of Agriculture
Austria-HungaryErnst von Korber Minister-President
CzechoslovakiaKarel Kramar Independence Campaigner
Austria-HungaryAlexander von Krobatin Minister of War
Austria-HungaryBela Kun Prime Minister
FranceMarie-Jean-Lucien Lacaze Minister of Marine
Austria-HungaryHeinrich Lammasch Minister-President
United States of AmericaRobert Lansing Secretary of State
CanadaSir Wilfrid Laurier Prime Minister
GermanyKarl Liebknecht Revolutionary Politician
United States of AmericaWalter Lippmann Assistant to Secretary of War
United KingdomDavid Lloyd George Prime Minister
United States of AmericaHenry Cabot Lodge Senate Majority Leader
GermanyRosa Luxemburg Revolutionary
RussiaPrince Georgy Lvov Prime Minister
FranceHubert Lyautey War Minister
RussiaNikolai Maklakov Minister of the Interior
BulgariaAlexander Malinov Prime Minister
FranceLouis Malvy Minister of the Interior
RomaniaAlexandru Marghiloman Prime Minister
CzechoslovakiaTomas Masaryk President
New ZealandWilliam Massey Prime Minister
United KingdomCharles Masterman Head of War Propaganda
United States of AmericaWilliam McAdoo Treasury Secretary
United KingdomReginald McKenna Home Secretary
GermanyGeorg Michaelis Chancellor
FranceAlexandre Millerand Minister of War
United KingdomLord Alfred Milner Minister of War
United States of AmericaHenry Morgenthau U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
ItalyBenito Mussolini Future Fascist Dictator
IrelandLord Northcliffe Director of Propaganda
GermanyGustav Noske Politician
ItalyVittorio Orlando Prime Minister
PolandIgnace Paderewski Prime Minister
FrancePaul Painleve Prime Minister
SerbiaNikola Pasic Prime Minister
PolandJosef Pilsudski General
FranceRaymond Poincare President
RussiaAlexei Polivanov Minister of War
RussiaVasil Radoslavov Prime Minister
GermanyWalter Rathenau Head of KRA
FranceAlexandre Ribot Prime Minister
RussiaMikhail Rodzianko Duma President
Ottoman EmpireSaid Halim Pasha Grand Vizier
ItalyAntonio Salandra Prime Minister
ItalyMarquis di San Giuliano Foreign Minister
RussiaSergei Sazonov Foreign Minister
GermanyPhilip Scheidemann President, Weimar Rep.
RussiaDmitry Shuvaev Minister of War
South AfricaJan Christian Smuts Prime Minister
GermanyWilhelm Solf Colonial/Foreign Minister
ItalySidney Sonnino Foreign Minister
BulgariaAlexander Stamboliski Anti-Monarchist
Austria-HungaryR. Stoger-Steiner v Steinstatten War Minister
GermanyGustav Stresemann Post-war Chancellor
Austria-HungaryCount Karl von Sturgkh Minister-President
RussiaBoris Sturmer Prime Minister
RussiaVladimir Sukhomlinov Minister of War
Ottoman EmpireMehmed Talaat Pasha Minister of the Interior
FranceAlbert Thomas Under-Secretary for Munitions
United KingdomRomaniaChristopher Thomson Military Attaché to Romania
Austria-HungaryCount Tisza Hungarian Prime Minister
CroatiaAnte Trumbic Foreign Minister
GreeceEleutherios Venizelos Prime Minister
FranceRene Viviani Prime Minister
New ZealandSir Joseph Ward Prime Minister
Austria-HungaryAlexander Wekerle Prime Minister
GermanyKuno von Westarp Politician
United States of AmericaBrand Whitlock Ambassador to Belgium
United States of AmericaWoodrow Wilson President
BulgariaNikola Zhekov Minister of War
GermanyArthur Zimmermann Foreign Secretary

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