Who's Who - Heinrich von Clam-Martinic

Heinrich von Clam-Martinic Count Heinrich von Clam-Martinic (1863-1932) served as Austrian Prime Minister from December 1916-June 1917.

Born on New Year's Day 1863, Heinrich embarked upon a political career which, prior to the outbreak of war in July 1914, brought him close to Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  As a member of the latter's so-called "shadow cabinet" he was one of a number of politicians who offered advice to Emperor Franz-Josef's ministries.

With the onset of war in 1914 Clam-Martinic served as a junior officer on two fronts, the Eastern and Italian.  In October 1916 however he accepted office as Austrian Agriculture Minister.

His rise to high office was rapid: within a month - and with Emperor Karl I's ascent to power - and known for his close links with Austria's powerful Czech nationalist group, he was asked to form a multiracial cabinet in December 1916, succeeding Ernst von Korber.

Personally determined to maintain the unified empire, the policies he unveiled for preserving the empire were however rejected by German, Czech and Polish elements within the country.  Realising the futility of his efforts he consequently resigned office in June 1917 (ostensibly in response to controversy surrounding a food crisis).

He subsequently took up a position as military governor of occupied Montenegro until the end of war in November 1918, after which he returned to his castle estate in Austria.

He died on 7 March 1932 in Upper Austria at the age of 69.

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