Who's Who - Sir John Cowans

Oil painting of Sir John Cowans Sir John Stevens Cowans (1862-1921) was Britain's Army Quartermaster-General and a member of the Army Council throughout the First World War.

Cowans joined the British Army with the Rifle Brigade in 1882.  Following service in India from 1906 - during which he commanded a brigade - Cowans was appointed Director-General of Britain's Territorial Forces, serving in the latter role from 1910-12.

Upon completion of his Territorial Forces posting Cowans was given the dual role of Quartermaster-General and appointed a member of the Army Council in 1912.  Knighted in 1913 Cowans, who distinguished himself by his efficiency in the former role and remained ever unperturbed at the enormous task of overseeing the huge expansion of Britain's army services, was viewed with great approval by the demanding David Lloyd George (both were noted philanderers).

He stepped down as Quartermaster-General following the armistice in 1919.

He died in 1921.

Both British and German fleets had around 45 submarines available at the time of the Battle of Jutland, but none were put to use.

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