Who's Who - Alfredo Dallolio

General Alfredo Dallolio (1853-1952) served as Italian Undersecretary of State for Munitions from July 1915 until his forced resignation in May 1918.

An artillery officer with a background in logistics Dallolio possessed the appropriate qualifications for his appointment in July 1915 as Italy's Undersecretary of State for Munitions.

Tasked therefore with mobilising the Italian economy to support wartime munitions production, and for overseeing production of weaponry for the army, Dallolio energetically set to work to encourage the support of key industrialists in support of the government.

He achieved this by offering financial incentives and via the introduction of military service exemptions for munitions workers.  He also used emergency government powers to bring some 2,000 factories under military control.

While Dallolio was widely recognised as performing well he was never able to produce munitions at a level to fully support the Italian army, which continued to suffer deep shortages, in part given Italy's over-reliance upon imported fuel and raw materials.

Handed ministerial status in June 1917 Dallolio's star began to fall shortly afterwards.  The shattering military defeat at Caporetto on the Isonzo in October 1917 weakened Dallolio's hold on power, and a financial corruption scandal finally forced his hand: he consequently resigned in May 1918.

Dallolio reprised the same role on behalf of Mussolini shortly before World War Two from 1935-39.

He died in 1952 while in his 100th year.

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