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Albert Louis Deullin Albert Louis Deullin (1890-1923) was a leading French air ace during the First World War, amassing a total of 20 air victories between February 1916 and May 1918.

Born on 24 August 1890 in Epernay, Deullin enlisted with the French military in 1906, and was serving with 8 Regiment de Dragons when war broke out in August 1914.

Although promoted to Sous Lieutenant in 1915 Deullin nonetheless requested and received a transfer to the air service in April that year, receiving his pilot's brevet two months later having flown Maurice Farman aircraft.  Following further pilot's training Deullin was assigned to Escadrille MF62 in early July, where he was employed in artillery spotting, reconnaissance and bombing raids.

Deullin's first confirmed 'kill' was achieved on 10 February 1916, and he was awarded the Medaille de St. Georges on the following day.  Posted next to Escadrille N3 Deullin flew Nieuport aircraft, achieving two more victories before suffering the first of three wounds on 2 April 1916.

Out of action for just two weeks Deullin returned quickly to active service, earning himself a Legion d'Honneur (Chevalier) in early June.  In late February 1917, by which time he had scored a total of eleven victories, Deullin was appointed to command of Escadrille Spa73 where he flew SPAD 2.7 aircraft in the skies above France and Flanders.

His final confirmed success was logged on 19 May 1918, although he also scored up to five unconfirmed kills.  The following month he received the Legion d'Honneur (Officer) and was separately awarded the Croix de Guerre with 14 Palms.

Surviving the war Deullin was killed on 29 May 1923 while testing an aircraft at Villacoublay.  He was 32.

Shrapnel comprised steel balls ejected from shells upon detonation.

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