Who's Who - Vladimir Dragomirov

No photograph available Vladimir Dragomirov (1862-1920)  was a prominent figure in Russia's post-Bolshevik opposition and acted as a Military Governor at Kiev for a brief period in 1919.

Dragomirov served as a Tsarist general for much of the First World War.  Following service (and subsequent wounding) with a regiment in Galicia and Volhynia in 1916 he was handed command of Northern Front armies in May 1917, in the wake of the February Revolution of that year.  Five months later Dragomirov succeeded Anton Denikin in command of the Southwestern Front.

The onset of the Bolshevik October Revolution spurred Dragomirov to take up a leadership position among anti-Bolshevik White forces, placing himself at the head of an opposition Bolshevik administration in November 1918, meanwhile working closely with Denikin on the latter's military council.

Appointed Military Governor at Kiev in October 1919 his whereabouts are surrounded in mystery - presumed killed - following Kiev's fall to Polish forces the following year.

A sandbag was a sack filled with earth from which defences were built.

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