Who's Who - Pierre Dubois

Pierre Joseph Louis Alfred Dubois (1852-1924) served as a French Army commander during the First World War from 1914-1917.

Dubois was commissioned as a Lieutenant into the French Army in 1874 with the Dragoons.  Thereafter his service abroad took him to Tunisia and Algeria.

The year before general war broke out in Europe, in 1913, Dubois was appointed to the head of 9th Army Corps.  With war underway he worked alongside Noel de Castelnau in the defence of Nancy.  Remaining with 9th Army Corps Dubois was next sent to Belgium to assist the Allied defence against the invading German forces.

1915 brought Dubois promotion to command of 6th Army and at Verdun early the following year he was handed command of the sector (click here to read Dubois's view of the German approach at Verdun).

Dubois's war came to a close when he was placed on the reserve list in 1917.  He died in 1924.

A "creeping barrage" is an artillery bombardment in which a 'curtain' of artillery fire moves toward the enemy ahead of the advancing troops and at the same speed as the troops.

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