Who's Who - Hector Garaud

Hector Garaud Hector Eugene Joseph Garaud (1897-1940) achieved thirteen victories as a French air ace during the First World War.

Born on 27 August 1897 in Saint Antoine, Garaud entered the French air force to train as a pilot in 1915.  He duly qualified the following year, 1916.

Garaud's wartime experiences brought him service with two units, V97 and Spa38.  In the course of attaining his thirteen confirmed 'kills' he was twice seriously wounded.

On 26 March 1918 - by which time he had downed eleven German aircraft - a bullet passed through his right lung after he had successfully brought down a twelfth.  He was awarded the Legion d'Honneur for his actions that day.  Following extended convalescence he was again wounded on 3 October 1918 when a shell fragment struck him in the face.

Garaud died on 2 April 1940 aged 42.

The "linseed lancers" was the Anzac nickname assigned to members of the Australian Field Ambulance.

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