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Charles Mace Adjutant Charles Mace (1898-1919) scored 12 victories as a French air ace during the First World War.

Born on 5 April 1898 in Pau, Mace enlisted with the French Army in late October 1915, transferring to the French Air Service in late July 1917 for initial training.

His spell of training over and the possessor of a pilot's brevet Mace found himself assigned to Spa90

There he established a reputation as a 'balloon buster'.  Prior to the war's conclusion he brought down eight enemy observation balloons in addition to four German aircraft on the Western Front, during the course of which he was awarded the French Medaille Militaire.

He died on 7 June 1919 in Haguenau.

Around one million Indian troops served in WW1, of which some 100,000 were either killed or wounded.

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