Who's Who - Maximilian Njegovan

Maximilian Njegovan Admiral Maximilian Njegovan (1858-1930) was placed in command of the Austro-Hungarian First Battleship Squadron with the outbreak of war in 1914, a position he held until February 1917 when he was given command of the main fleet at Pola following the death of Admiral Haus.

Made full admiral later that year, Njegovan was also given charge of the entire Austro-Hungarian navy in addition to being made head of the War Ministry Naval Section.

Njegovan made heavy work of his promotion, and was unsuccessful in dissipating the nationalist squabbles that were rife through the navy, tension that was increased by the navy's relative inactivity.  Critical shortages of fuel and supplies served only to exacerbate matters.

With the mutiny at Cattaro in February 1918 it became clear that a firmer hand was required, with the consequence that Njegovan was forced into retirement on 1 March.

Admiral Horthy, a much younger and far more energetic man, was appointed his replacement over the heads of many more senior officers.  The political element of Njegovan's role was separated and given to Admiral Huber.

A "Brass Hat" was a high ranking officer.

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