Who's Who - Marcel Nogues

Marcel Nogues Marcel Nogues (1895-1919) scored thirteen victories as a French fighter pilot during World War One during 1916-18.

Born on 24 January 1895 in Paris Nogues was prompt in enlisting with the French Army, signing up with an artillery regiment in early September 1914.  In January 1916, coinciding with his twenty-first birthday he negotiated a transfer to the French Air Service, receiving his pilot's brevet some three months later.

In September 1916, following further training, Nogues was attached to Escadrille N12.  It was not until the following Spring that he achieved his first victory however.  Caught and taken prisoner by the Germans after he was shot down by Albert Dossenbach (Jasta 36) on 13 April 1917 he nevertheless managed to arrange a hasty escape.

13 August 1917 saw Nogues suffer a serious wound while in action.  He did not allow this to discourage him however and in April 1918 he once again re-entered active service by joining Spa57.  Adding to his previous tally of two victories Nogues made up for perceived lost time by downing six German aircraft plus a further five observation balloons.

The recipient of the Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur he was transferred to Spa172 immediately prior to the Armistice.  He was killed the following year on 5 October 1919 while playing rugby.  He was aged 24.

A "Brass Hat" was a high ranking officer.

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