Who's Who - Henry Willis-O-Connor

Henry Willis O-Connor Henry Willis-O-Connor (1886-1957) served chiefly in staff positions with the Canadian Corps during the First World War.

Born on 1 April 1886 in Ottawa Willis-O-Connor joined the Canadian armed forces and served with the Governor General's Foot Guards, based in Ottawa, from 1911-14.

With the outbreak of war in August 1914 Willis-O-Connor was attached to the Canadian Expeditionary Force's 2nd Battalion as Captain and Adjutant, and consequently travelled to the Western Front - France - in February 1915.

Willis-O-Connor's initial service was eventful and he received two wounds in rapid succession in May and June 1915.  Following a spell of recuperation he was appointed ADC to 1st Division in September 1915.  The following April he was promoted to Major.  Two months later he was appointed ADC to the Canadian Corps.

Following the armistice Willis-O-Connor returned to Canada in 1919 and served as ADC to Sir Julian Byng, his former Canadian Corps commander and Canadian Governor General from 1921.

Having served during the Second World War and reached the rank of Colonel, Willis-O-Connor retired from the army in 1946.

The recipient of the DSO he died on 25 April 1957 in Ottawa aged 71.

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