Who's Who - Eduard Pulpe

Eduard Pulpe Eduard Martynovich Pulpe (1880-1916) achieved five victories while flying with first the French and then his native Russian air service in 1915 and 1916.

Born on 22 June 1880 in Riga Pulpe was educated at Moscow University where he emerged as a Professor of Mathematics in 1907.  In 1912 he moved to France where he developed a fascination with the budding civil aviation industry.

Having trained as a civilian pilot - and received his pilot's brevet on 19 December 1913 - Pulpe found himself in France at the outbreak of war in August 1914.  He was prompt in offering his services to the French Air Service, and was assigned (as a Sergeant) to MS23 at the start of May 1915, flying Morane aircraft on bombing missions.

Pulpe was primarily interested however in becoming a fighter pilot.  He scored his first two victories (flying Morane-Saulnier L aircraft) in the skies above Verdun in 1915.  Two further 'kills' were achieved with Nieuport aircraft north of Maucourt and at Consenvoye on 20 and 31 March 1916, this time while attached to N23.

Thus with four victories to his name and as a recipient of the Military Cross (with a temperamental reputation as the 'volcanic aviator') Pulpe returned to Russia where he was assigned to the Imperial Russian 10th Fighter Detachment with the rank of Lieutenant.

He secured his fifth victory - and therefore designation as an air ace - on 1 July near Lutsk-Kovel, flying a Nieuport 11 aircraft; the same day that the Franco-British Somme Offensive opened on the Western Front.

Pulpe was killed while in action against five enemy German aircraft on 1 August 1916 near Rogistche.  Although Pulpe initially survived his aircraft's crash-landing he died of his injuries shortly thereafter.

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