Who's Who - Giovanni Sabelli

Giovanni Sabelli (1886-1917) qualified as an Italian air ace during World War One by scoring five aerial victories during a two month period from August-September 1917.

Sabelli, who was born on 23 September 1886 in Napoli, received his pilot's license on 30 January 1912.  Unusually it was awarded not in Italy but in England, at the Royal Aero Club at Brooklands.

Sabelli, an energetic airman, is believed to have assisted the Bulgarian government in the establishment of its own air service in the same year he received his license, in order that the latest form of warfare could be placed at Bulgaria's disposal in its war against Turkey.

With regard to the First World War Sabelli joined the Italian 91a Squadron on 9 May 1917.  Flying a two-seater aircraft he lost little time in downing five enemy aircraft on the Italian Front - four of which were German Albatrosses - between 10 August and 29 September 1917.

Sabelli was himself downed and killed on 25 October 1917 at Bainsizza, shot down in flames.

'Case-Shot' was the name for a short-range artillery anti-personnel shell filled with pellets, chain-links, etc.

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