Who's Who - Alexander Shook

Alexander Shook Alexander MacDonald Shook (1888-1966) achieved air ace status during the First World War, attaining 12 victories in the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) during 1917-18.

Born on 2 December 1888 in Tioga, Ontario, Shook was responsible for the Sopwith Camel's first victory of the war on 5 June 1917, shooting down a German Albatross D.III on the Western Front.  Among his twelve accredited victories Shook was also responsible for bringing down Bertram Heinrich.

For his actions serving with the RNAS at Dunkirk in June 1917 - where he repeatedly attacked and destroyed enemy German aircraft - he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, and subsequently the Distinguished Service Order.

The final three of Shook's twelve 'kills' of the war were achieved on 22 March 1918, all in the Sopwith Camel, at Slype.

Shook, who attained the rank of Major, died on 30 May 1966 in Bala, Ontario.

'Kitchener's Army' comprised Men recruited into the British Army a result of Lord Kitchener's appeal for volunteers.

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