Who's Who - Grigory Suk

Grigory Suk Grigory Suk (1896-1917) scored nine victories as a Russian air ace during World War I.

Born on his family estate near Moscow on 12 December 1896 Suk's wartime air service was spent with the Russian 9th Corps Fighter Detachment.  All nine of his victories (or 'kills') were achieved in 1917.

He opened his account with a victory at Nedzy-Vozargal while flying a Nieuport 11 aircraft.  His first three victories - the second came on 17 April and the third on 8 August - were earned with the Nieuport.

Switching to the Vickers F.B.19 aircraft Suk added three more enemy planes to his score in the space of eight days on 4, 8 and 12 September.  He had to wait another month to notch up kill number 7, on 4 November, flying a SPAD VII aircraft near Goura-Seltche.  He also used the SPAD in earning his final two successes, on 8 and 10 November near Raduatz.

Suk died as a result of a crash at a Russian arfield on 28 November 1917.

The holder of the Cross of St. George (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class) Suk was aged 20 at his death.

A sandbag was a sack filled with earth from which defences were built.

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