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Releasing a carrier pigeon This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains a selection of picture postcards produced within each of the belligerent nations during the wartime.

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vintage photoBritish postcard, "Allied We Stand" (SR) vintage photoFrench postcard, "The Poilu's Journey" (SR)
vintage photoFrench postcard: "In the fog... who is it?" (SR) vintage photoAustrian propaganda poster with Austrian and German monarchs (SR)
vintage photoFrench propaganda postcard of Wilhelm as 'The Disciple' of Bismarck (SR) vintage photoFrench propaganda postcard of Allied troops pushing back the Germans (SR)
vintage photoPostcard showing the hardiness of men who fought in the Alpine war (SR) vintage photoBritish postcard from "Sketches of Tommy's Life" series (SR)
vintage photoHumorous British postcard depicting raw army recruits (SR) vintage photoHumorous British postcard: "More German Atrocities!" (SR)
vintage photoBritish postcard depicting Tommy's troubles (SR) vintage photoPropaganda postcard of the treatment of a British prisoner of war (SR)
vintage photoBritish postcard of Wilhelm II in a pulpit made from artillery shells (SR) vintage photoFrench postcard: "Foch's army crashes the Prussian guards", 1914 (SR)
vintage photoFrench propaganda postcard showing excess of German troops (SR) vintage photoFrench postcard of German troops pillaging a church (SR)
vintage photoRussian propaganda postcard showing Wilhelm II fleeing (SR) vintage photoBritish propaganda postcard featuring the Kaiser: "Kill That Fly" (SR)
vintage photoUK propaganda postcard: "Not Ashamed to Die" (SR) vintage photoVictory in Salonika with Tommy declaring the war's end (SR)
vintage photoFrench marines at Dixmude in 1914 (SR) vintage photoFrench postcard, "A day in the life of the Poilu" (SR)
vintage photoBritish postcard: "The German Navy Taking Root!" (SR) vintage photoLille (SR)
vintage photoGerman postcard depicting the German Army in Paris (SR) vintage photoU.S. postcard: "It's easier to say than to write" (MF)
vintage photoU.S. postcard: "Down him Sammy" (MF) vintage photoBritish postcard: "He seems much better" (MF)
vintage photoBritish postcard: "Your King and Country Thank You" (MF) vintage photoFrench postcard featuring a British trooper (MF)
vintage photoPostcard of French and British navy ships (MF) vintage photoPostcard of French Dragoon (MF)
vintage photoBritish postcard: "Defenders of the Empire" (MF) vintage photoBritish postcard featuring the Goeben: "All Bottled Up" (MF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: "Heartfelt wishes of luck & blessings in the New Year" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: "Never will Germany be defeated when we are united" (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: "We Germans fear nothing in the World other than God!" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: "...We will not be shaken..." (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: "''Germany above, from victory to victory" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: "'Forward will be the order!" (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: ''The Saviour of the East" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: ''With God for King and Fatherland" (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: ''Dear Fatherland be at peace'' (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: ''Crown Prince Albert, the Victor of Beaumont'' (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: "Iron Cross" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: ''Peace and wellbeing in the New Year" (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: "Germany, Germany over everything" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: Lyrics to German National Anthem (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: "Love-filled greetings from the Homeland" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: ''God does not abandon what is'' (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: ''Through Danger and Death to Victory!" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: ''God be with us" (RF)
vintage photoGerman postcard: ''Hail and Victory!" (RF) vintage photoGerman postcard: ''I do not know political parties, I know only Germans" (RF)

A 'Toasting Fork' was a bayonet, often used for the named purpose.

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