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Sketch of British Army engaged in compulsory purchasing of horses This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains copies of sketches and paintings relating to the war which were produced while the conflict was underway.

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vintage photoBritish Army engaged in compulsory purchasing of horses (NW) vintage photoSketch of Frenchmen going to war in a motor bus (NW)
vintage photoFrench boy scouts at work (NW) vintage photoSketch of French troops before Altkirch in Alsace (NW)
vintage photoSketch of the German Army marching through Belgium (NW) vintage photoSketch of British lines swept by searchlights and shrapnel (NW)
vintage photoSketch of a pontoon bridge destroyed by British in face of Uhlans (NW) vintage photoSketch of Belgian defence at Battle of Tirlemont (NW)
vintage photoSketch of pre-war Sarajevo (NW) vintage photoCanadians fighting at Ypres (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Uhlan patrol surprised by Belgian armoured car (NW) vintage photoSketch of an aerial duel within sight of Ypres (NW)
vintage photoGermans storming a British trench at Ypres wearing gas masks (NW) vintage photoSketch of German bases in Belgium raided by airmen (NW)
vintage photoCompany of the British R. Engineers spent 3 weeks in a sandpit (NW) vintage photoSketch: 'Wounded but still firing' (NW)
vintage photoBritish officer's  achievement in downing Zeppelin near Ghent (NW) vintage photoHurrying the wounded away from a shell-swept hospital by F. Dodd (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Red Cross Corps searching for wounded at night (NW) vintage photoSketch of a Great War battle as viewed from a Soissons housetop (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Cossacks clashing with Austrian cavalry (NW) vintage photoSketch of a Russian regiment storming Josepovo (NW)
vintage photoSketch of portion of the town of Kalvaria following German shelling (NW) vintage photoSketch of clash between German and Russian advance guards (NW)
vintage photoSketch of German cruiser sinking while continuing to fire (NW) vintage photoSketch of Russian infantry advancing under fire (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Russian infantry awaiting an Austrian attack (NW) vintage photoSketch of bayonet fighting in a Polish cemetery (NW)
vintage photoSketch of General Popov watching the Battle of Prazasnysz (NW) vintage photoSketch of Zeppelin L-15 brought down off the coast of Kent (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Cossacks raiding a German motor supply train (NW) vintage photoSketch of Russian troops waiting for a German attack (NW)
vintage photoSketch of spies taken from a haystack by Cossack soldiers (NW) vintage photoSketch of German Taube brought to earth by Cossacks in Poland (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Austrian troops fording a river as Russians withdraw (NW) vintage photoSketch of a Zeppelin over London spotted by a searchlight (NW)
vintage photoSketch of a British destroyers sinking a German submarine (NW) vintage photoShipwrecked British sailors being picked up by an Allied submarine (NW)
vintage photoSketch of the sinking of the 'Falaba' (NW) vintage photoGerman cruiser Blucher torpedoed by the Meteor, 24 Jan 1915 (NW)
vintage photoSketch of the British display of naval power at Spithead in 1914 (NW) vintage photoScene of the British success at Neuve Chapelle (NW)
vintage photoSketch of a British Red Cross kitchen ambulance serving hot broth (NW) vintage photoSketch of Uhlan patrol ambushed by British machine gunners (NW)
vintage photoSketch of fighting near Ypres (NW) vintage photoSketch of Alpine chasseurs charging German lines on skiis (NW)
vintage photoSketch of the ascent of the Dolomites (NW) vintage photoSketch of the Alpini at the foot of the Dolomites (NW)
vintage photoSketch of Russian cavalry retreating after defeat by Germans (NW) vintage photoDrawing a battery of guns up the Alps during a storm (NW)
vintage photoItalian entrenchment in an alpine ravine (NW) vintage photoSketch of Mass for the Italian troops in the Alps (NW)
vintage photoFrench infantrymen at night in a roofless church near Verdun (NW) vintage photoA Red Cross section advancing under fire to aid the wounded (NW)
vintage photoBritish and German troops fighting in Africa at Mount Kilimanjaro (NW) vintage photoIndian fighters with the British at the front (NW)
vintage photoSketch of captured German submarine UC5 (MF) vintage photoBritish and French fighting side by side (NW)
vintage photoSketch of explosion of a German 'Jack Johnson' (NW) vintage photoThe Grim Reaper (NW)
vintage photoPainting of alleged German brutalities at Senlis on 2 Sep 1914 (HW) vintage photoBritish troops charging German trenches in gas masks (HW)
vintage photoA Zeppelin flying over a British submarine in a stormy sea (HW) vintage photoA German battery trying to escape from the Flanders mud (HW)
vintage photoSketch of a destroyer escaping a torpedo attack (HW) vintage photoSketch of a Cossack charge in the Carpathian mountains (HW)
vintage photoWatching gunfire from a ruin near the German lines (HW) vintage photoSketch of a fight in a cloud of gas between British and German troops (HW)
vintage photoTorpedoing of the British battleship "Aboukir" (HW) vintage photoAn Allied airman dropping a wreath at the site of a lost comrade (HW)
vintage photoBritish forces advancing over captured German Somme trenches (HW) vintage photoWomen working in a munitions factory in England (HW)
vintage photoItalian troops bringing guns into the Alps (HW) vintage photoLanding of the "River Clyde" at Seddul Bahr in the Dardanelles (HW)
vintage photoBritish troops attacking German trenches in 1914 (HW) vintage photoSketch of the struggle for Armentieres (HW)
vintage photoAn aircraft about to attack a Zeppelin over England (HW) vintage photoBritish marines storming the mole at Zeebrugge, 1918 (HW)
vintage photoThe eye of the blind submarine (HW) vintage photoAn armed duel at the Front (GW)
vintage photoLanding of the BEF in France, August 1914 (GW) vintage photoEscorting the British Expeditionary Force to France (GW)
vintage photoAn arrow attack by aircraft at the Front (GW) vintage photoFrench air scouts at work (GW)
vintage photoThe shadow of the sea-plane reveals a submarine below (GW) vintage photoThe London Motor Bus on active service in Flanders (GW)
vintage photoFlinging ammunition in belts from hand to hand (GW) vintage photoThe British Army Service Corps carrying supplies to the trenches (GW)
vintage photoThe end of the 'Blucher' in the North Sea, 24 Jan 1915 (GW) vintage photoThe ladder of good progress: handling casualties (HW)
vintage photoAlpine Chasseurs advancing to the attack in the Vosges (GW) vintage photoThe sinking of the 'Falaba', 28 March 1915 (GW)
vintage photoBritish air raid on Cuxhaven, Christmas Day 1914 (GW) vintage photoThe 2nd Middlesex storming a blockhouse at Neuve Chapelle (GW)
vintage photoSketch of German position at Hill 60 in early April 1915 (GW) vintage photoThe sinking of the Lusitania (GW)
vintage photoThrowing smoke-bombs to mask the wire-cutters (GW) vintage photoWarning British troops of a pending German gas attack (GW)
vintage photoTowing a big gun ashore in the Dardanelles (GW) vintage photoTsar Nicholas II and Grand Duke Nicholas (GW)

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A "blimp" was a word applied to an observation balloon.

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