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A bomb bursting over a British trench This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of trench scenes or trench-related photography.

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vintage photoTrenches at League Island, Philadelphia (CNP) vintage photoLunch in the trenches at Fort Oglethorpe (CNP)
vintage photoU.S. marines constructing a trench at Quantico (CNP) vintage photoComfortable German entrenchments on the Aisne (CNP)
vintage photoEngineers learning trench construction (CNP) vintage photoThe Red Cross on duty in the trenches (CNP)
vintage photoHow to build trenches under fire (CNP) vintage photoTrelliswork camouflage for a trench (CNP)
vintage photoPeriscope rifle in a trench on the Somme (CNP) vintage photoAviator's photograph of men filling the German trenches (CNP)
vintage photoEarly French trenches from 1914 (MF) vintage photoWinter trenches in the Bois-le-Pretre (CNP)
vintage photoExplosion of a mined trench (CPE) vintage photoA hillside trench in Galicia (CPE)
vintage photoRoyal Scots Fusiliers entrenching through cellar walls at St Eloi (CPE) vintage photoA trench periscope used by French soldiers (CPE)
vintage photoHurling a grenade from a trench (CPE) vintage photoSoldiers killed in a barbed wire entanglement (CPE)
vintage photoDead of the Russian rear-guard in a shallow trench in Poland (CPE) vintage photoSpoils of war from captured German trenches in Champagne (CPE)
vintage photoNew Austrian trench constructed while under heavy fire (CPE) vintage photoA German shelter trench in Central Africa (CPE)
vintage photoFrench trenches captured by the Germans near Verdun (CPE) vintage photoTurkish trenches and artillery around Trebizond, Black Sea port (CPE)
vintage photoA French connecting trench near the Meuse (CPE) vintage photoA captured German trench on the Verdun front (CPE)
vintage photoGerman trenches of Combles, captured by the French (CPE) vintage photoA shell bursting on an Italian entrenchment (CPE)
vintage photoRussians entrenched in Galicia (CPE) vintage photoA Canadian trench on the Western Front (CPE)
vintage photoA bomb bursting over a British trench (CPE) vintage photoClearing captured trenches (CNP)
vintage photoHighlanders pipe themselves back from the trenches (MF) vintage photoFrench troops preparing barbed wire coils (CPE)
vintage photoGrenadiers in the French trenches (CNP) vintage photoLoading a trench mortar (MF)
vintage photoGerman troops cutting barbed wire entanglements prior to an advance (CPE) vintage photoObservation post in the Champagne-Artois Battle (CNP)
vintage photoCanadian soldiers going up to the first line in Winter (CNP) vintage photoA Highlander as sentry at a gas post (CNP)
vintage photoDigging in under fire (CNP) vintage photoGerman observation post (CPE)
vintage photoFrench soldiers firing over their own dead (CPE) vintage photoBelgian trenches in flooded land (WW)
vintage photoMountain fighting during the Serbian's Great Retreat (WW) vintage photoCommunication trenches on Mt. Asolone overlooking the Brenta (WW)
vintage photoBarracks on the back slopes of Mt. Asolone (WW) vintage photoItalian second line barracks on the Asiago plateau (WW)
vintage photoAdvanced outpost on Col del Rosso, newly conquered by the Italians (WW) vintage photoA low position on Col del Rosso (WW)
vintage photoItalian reserve troops waiting in second line trenches on Montello line (WW) vintage photoReinforcements arriving at second line positions back of Mt. Grappa (WW)
vintage photoA newly taken Austrian trench on Col del Rosso (WW) vintage photoAn Italian outlook on Col del Rosso (WW)
vintage photoAerial view of U.S. servicemen undergoing trench training (WW) vintage photoMess time in the trenches (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Army canteen in France (WW) vintage photoU.S. troops digging trenches while receiving Y.M.C.A. refreshments (WW)
vintage photoAmericans throwing hand grenades into the German lines (WW) vintage photoDogs in the trenches (WW)
vintage photoBelgian cavalry bringing straw to sleep on in trenches (NW) vintage photoBritish boys play-acting at trench warfare (NW)
vintage photoPhoto taken while shells were bursting in this Belgian trench (NW) vintage photoBelgians in their rifle pits (NW)
vintage photoTrench warfare - waiting for the German Army (NW) vintage photoSodding a dugout (NW)
vintage photoRussian commissary officers determine soldiers' food portions (NW) vintage photoThe barber in the French trenches (NW)
vintage photoA French outpost in advance of front-line trenches (NW) vintage photoA roadblock at Belgian trenches near Ghent (NW)
vintage photoFrench soldier reading a newspaper in a front-line trench (NW) vintage photoFrench soldier wearing a respirator (NW)
vintage photoSerbian reinforcements for a hard-pressed line (NW) vintage photoCompany of Serbians at Lone Tree Hill, Halinchi, near Prilip (NW)
vintage photoBritish troops at Salonika being served the beer ration (NW) vintage photoSerbians in the trenches (NW)
vintage photoCorpses of French grenade throwers who died during the initial attack (NW) vintage photoSoldiers digging trenches while protected against gas attacks (NW)
vintage photoView through a trench periscope (NW) vintage photoView through a trench periscope (NW)
vintage photoA big grenade of the rocket type (NW) vintage photoGermans collecting booty from a captured Russian trench (NW)
vintage photoThe skeleton work of an underground bomb-proof shelter (NW) vintage photoA German setting a 'star light' for use at night (NW)
vintage photoOfficers' quarters in an underground bomb-proof dugout (NW) vintage photoA busy scene in a trench dugout before Verdun (NW)
vintage photoFrench device for breaking through wire entanglements (NW) vintage photoCorner of a trench showing sandbags and steel shield defences (NW)
vintage photoRemains of a trench following a curtain of fire (NW) vintage photoDismounted German Hussars hold the first line trenches (NW)
vintage photoFrench soldiers hastily constructing a trench (NW) vintage photoScottish soldiers making barbed wire entanglements (NW)
vintage photoSleeping under a rain of shrapnel (NW) vintage photoBelgian troops resting in a Liege trench (GW)
vintage photoJapanese troops in the trenches (GW) vintage photoRussian troops in camp (GW)
vintage photoMaxim Gun squad in action at Antwerp during the German bombardment (GW) vintage photoFormation of German infantry in the trenches (GW)
vintage photoBelgian soldiers in the trenches at Ypres in winter (GW) vintage photoBritish Naval Volunteer Reservists in the Antwerp trenches (GW)

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A respirator was a gas mask in which air was inhaled through a metal box of chemicals.

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