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Armenian refugees This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography representative of the many hundreds of thousands of refugees created by the violent upheavals of war.

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vintage photoArmenian refugee camp at Port Said (WW) vintage photoArmenian refugees escape to Egypt (WW)
vintage photoArmenian refugees (WW) vintage photoRefugees from the great Halifax disaster at the armoury (CNP)
vintage photoBelgian refugees at the port of Ostend (CNP) vintage photoArmenian refugees (CPE)
vintage photoLittle French refugees (WW) vintage photoFrench refugees return home after the end of the war (WW)
vintage photoFrench refugees return to what was once a home and restaurant (WW) vintage photoFrench family reclaim buried valuables after the war (WW)
vintage photoRoads in Belgium filled with homeless wanderers (NW) vintage photoBelgian refugees flee from outlying villages to Brussels (NW)
vintage photoBelgian refugees flee with a dog cart and its contents (NW) vintage photoRefugees from Antwerp write on a fence to tell of their whereabouts (NW)
vintage photoDogs used instead of horses by Belgian refugees (NW) vintage photoBelgian refugees resting on their way out of Antwerp (NW)
vintage photoThousands of Belgian refugees reaching Holland (NW) vintage photoRefugees in a church in France (NW)
vintage photoA widow who has lost both husband and home (NW) vintage photoPolish refugees (NW)
vintage photoFrench refugees (NW) vintage photoBelgian refugees (MF)
vintage photoSerbian refugees fleeing to Greece by train (CPE) vintage photoRefugees fleeing to Brussels for safety (CPE)
vintage photoThree female refugees whose husbands were killed (CPE) vintage photoRefugees in Serbia (CPE)
vintage photoRussian refugees from Poland on the way home (CPE) vintage photoChildren whose parents were lost during the Great Retreat (NW)
vintage photoSerbian refugees on the road (NW) vintage photoSerbian refugees bound for Corsica (NW)
vintage photoSerbian refugees arriving at Salonika on Christmas morning (NW) vintage photoSerbian women driven from their homes by German forces (NW)
vintage photoSerbian refugees en route to Corsica (NW) vintage photoArmenian refugee armed with a Browning revolver (GW)
vintage photoFrench sailors embarking Armenian refugees (GW) vintage photo17-year-old Belgian girl who had lost her entire family and home (FF)
vintage photoA Polish refugee (GWS)  

A Town Major was a staff officer responsible for billeting arrangements in a town or village behind the lines.

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