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A bomb bursting over a British trench This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of trench scenes or trench-related photography.

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vintage photoGerman infantry in the trenches on the Belgian frontier (GW) vintage photoBritish troops in the trenches on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoItalian troops going over the top (GW) vintage photoItalian troops waiting to launch an attack (GW)
vintage photoItalian troops resting in a conquered trench (GW) vintage photoGerman troops in bomb-proof shelters at the Front (GW)
vintage photoPumping out the British trenches in Flanders (GW) vintage photoDestruction of a trench in Flanders (GW)
vintage photoConstructing a French trench in the winter of 1914-15 (GW) vintage photoThe Hyposcope in the trenches (GW)
vintage photoCampaign in the Argonne Forest: French first-line trenches (GW) vintage photoEntrance to a Sap along the French Front (GW)
vintage photoIndian troops firing from the trenches in Mesopotamia (GW) vintage photoAustrian trenches in the Carpathians (GW)
vintage photoA Maxim gun in action on the British Front in Flanders (GW) vintage photoMajor-General Sir A. G. Hunter-Weston near his dug-out (GW)
vintage photoDugouts for armoured cars in Gallipoli (GW) vintage photoA 'sniperscope' in use in British trenches (GW)
vintage photoBehind the firing-line at Anzac Cove: an Australian dug-out (GW) vintage photoRoyal Irish Fusiliers in the trenches at Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoFrench soldiers in their trenches celebrating Italy's war entry (GW) vintage photoTaking the enemy's range with a Hyposcope: a masked Russian officer (GW)
vintage photoFrench soldier writing a letter home in the doorway of his dug-out (GW) vintage photoA letter from home read in a dug-out (GW)
vintage photoIn the Advanced French front lines: snipers watching for a chance (GW) vintage photoThe Royal Mail Service in Gallipoli: Wayside letter-box for troops (GW)
vintage photoA German Hyposcope and field glass combined in the front lines (GW) vintage photoFirst Aid in the French front lines (GW)
vintage photoBarbed wire entanglements in front of German trenches at Loos (GW) vintage photoA shattered German trench on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoSerbian infantry holding their trenches during the floods (GW) vintage photoShrapnel shell bursting along the Allied line in France (GW)
vintage photoLunch in the Canadian trenches (GW) vintage photoFrench troops entering German trenches in Sabot Wood (GW)
vintage photoCanadian infantry in the trenches (GW) vintage photoBritish infantry practising trench raids behind the firing line (GW)
vintage photoArmenians defending Van against Kurd attack (GW) vintage photoBritish outpost on the lookout for a Bulgarian attack (GW)
vintage photoThe British line in the Balkans: digging new trenches (GW) vintage photoGuarding the approach to Kut: Turkish trenches at Es Sinn (GW)
vintage photoTurkish entrenchments along the Tigris (GW) vintage photoBelgian infantry firing from the trenches at Vilvorde (FF)
vintage photoGerman troops attacking a British trench, 1914 (GWS) vintage photoFiring of a grenade from French trenches at Bois le Pretre (GWS)
vintage photoFrench field kitchen in the vicinity of Neuvill St. Vaast (GWS) vintage photoOn the alert in a French first-line trench (GWS)
vintage photoBarrier of electrified wire in front a French trench (GWS) vintage photoA French communication trench (GWS)
vintage photoFrench officers in possession of a mined German trench (GWS) vintage photoBelgian Viscount and companion in a trench wearing German helmets (GWS)
vintage photoIn a British trench at Ypres (GWS) vintage photoFrench machine gun crew in a twig-lined trench (GWS)
vintage photoIndian troops firing from a trench in Mesopotamia (GWS) vintage photoBritish troops wearing sun helmets entrenched in the Persian Gulf (GWS)
vintage photoFrench aerial torpedo about to be fired from a trench (GWS) vintage photoFrench soldiers using a machine gun in a trench at Neuville St Vaast (GWS)
vintage photoGerman trench cut through a ruined farm (GWS) vintage photoWeapon used by German troops to fire projectiles from trenches (GWS)
vintage photoGermans adapting a communication trench as a skittle alley (GWS) vintage photoA German hill trench (GWS)
vintage photoA well-protected corner of the French firing line (GWS) vintage photoFrench officers watching the enemy through a trench periscope (GWS)
vintage photoStrongly organised French trench over the Alsace border-line (GWS) vintage photoFrench soldiers leaving a trench for an attack on a German trench (GWS)
vintage photoFrench gunners firing a German machine gun from a captured trench (GWS) vintage photoGerman trench under the Swiss frontier for storage purposes (GWS)
vintage photoFrench sanitary officers examining captured German trench (GWS) vintage photoGerman trench shattered by tornado of British shells (GWS)
vintage photoGerman prisoners of war being led through a French trench system (GWS) vintage photoIn a control station: engineer officers in charge of mining operations (GWS)
vintage photoBoring operations in an underground mine, somewhere in France (GWS) vintage photoFrench sappers at work underground: the making of a half-gallery (GWS)
vintage photoInterior of a French trench in the Argonne (GWS) vintage photoFrench infantrymen throwing hand-grenade into a German trench (GWS)
vintage photoA German trench in Arras (GWS) vintage photoA periscope field-glass in a German trench (GWS)
vintage photoDismounted cavalry defending a trench (GWS) vintage photoTrench towards the summit of Hartmannsweilerkopf in Alsace (GWS)
vintage photoFrench soldier, overcome, being tended by his orderly under fire (GWS) vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand in the trenches with General de Castelnau (GWS)
vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand touring the battlefront at Carency (GWS) vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand touring the battlefront at Carency (GWS)
vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand passing through first line trenches (GWS) vintage photoFiring a French aerial torpedo (GWS)
vintage photoAdaptation of a cross-bow for firing explosives in a French trench (GWS) vintage photoInspecting a shelter found just behind the trenches of the first line (GWS)
vintage photoBritish New Army recruits in trench training in Aldershot (GWS) vintage photoMembers of the British National Guard in training (GWS)
vintage photoBritish New Army recruits in trench training in Aldershot (GWS) vintage photoA street trench well barricaded, with ruins in the background (GWS)
vintage photoKitchener, Millerand and Joffre in north-eastern France (GWS) vintage photoLord Kitchener, Joffre and Millerand in an advanced French trench (GWS)
vintage photoLord Kitchener watching the effect of French shellfire on German lines (GWS) vintage photoSoldiers of the Austrian Landsturm in the trenches in Russian Poland (GWS)
vintage photoFormer Durham miners preparing a practice sap (GWS) vintage photoA Yorkshire service battalion practicing trench digging and sapping (GWS)
vintage photoFormer Durham miners preparing a practice sap (GWS) vintage photoA Russian machine-gun in action in Poland (GWS)
vintage photoAustrian trench view in the Carpathian Passes (GWS) vintage photoA British war dog used for trench sentry work in Flanders (GWS)

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A 'Base Rat' was a soldier perpetually at the base, typically in conditions of comfort and safety.

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