Encyclopedia - Distinguished Service Cross (U.K.)

U.K. Distinguished Service Cross The British Distinguished Service Cross medal was awarded by military authorities to serving members of the Royal Navy for meritorious actions in the face of the enemy.

Instituted in 1901 as the Conspicuous Service Cross the medal was awarded to warrant and subordinate officers; it was renamed the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) in October 1914 and made available to all Royal Naval personnel below the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Some 1,983 DSCs were awarded during the course of the First World War.  From 1916 a Bar was made available to denote formal recognition of further acts of merit to existing DSC holders.

The medal, which was made of silver, was 41mm in height and 35mm wide.  The obverse of the medal showed the Royal Cypher on the circular central medallion surmounted by a crown; the reverse was plain other than for a hallmark with the year of the war engraved on the lower arm.

A "blimp" was a word applied to an observation balloon.

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