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Red Baron crash site, near Peronne This area of the website provides an A-Z listing of First World War terms, personalities, biographical sketches, battles, weaponry, etc.

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Article Race to the Sea
Article Radio Operator, Memoir of
Article Radoslavov, Vasil
Article Radoslavov, Vasil - On Decision to go to War
Article Radziwill, Princess - Bulgaria's Treachery Against Russia
Article Radziwill, Princess - The Fall of Warsaw and Kovno
Article Raemaekers, Louis
Article Raid, Memoir of Night Counter-attack
Article Railway Control Act, U.S., 1918
Article Railway Dugout Burial Ground (Transport Farm)
Article Railway, U.S. - Daniel Willard on Wartime Role of
Article Rainbow Division
Article Rainbow Warriors
Article Ramadi, Battle of
Article Ramanones, Count - On U-boat Warfare, 1917
Article Rapallo Conference, 1917
Article Rasputin, Grigory
Article Rasputin, Grigory - Account of his Assassination
Article Ratcliffe, A.V. (Optimism)
Article Rathenau, Walter
Article Ration, Iron (British)
Article Rations, 1914 British and German
Article Rations, 1914 Film Footage of British Troops Receiving
Article Rations, Memoir of
Article Rats, Trench
Article Rawlinson, Henry
Article Read, George Windle
Article Read, Herbert
Article Read, I. L.
Article Reconnaissance, Photo
Article Recruitment, UK
Article Recruitment, UK - 1914 Film Footage of
Article Red Army
Article Red Baron Crash Site
Article Red Cross, Service in
Article Rees, Major A E - In The Trenches (1917)
Article Refugees, French - 1914 Film Footage of
Article Refugees, Photographs of
Article Reichstag, Peace Resolution of, 1917
Article Reinsurance Treaty, 1887
Article Remarque, Erich Maria
Article Rennenkampf, Paul von
Article Repington, Charles
Article Republic Must Awaken - Warren Harding (Speech 1917)
Article Responsibility for War, German
Article Retford, Ella - They All Look Alike in Khaki (Song 1918)
Article Reuter, Ludwig von
Article Rhodes-Moorhouse, William
Article Rhys Davids, Arthur
Article Ribot, Alexandre
Article Ribot, Alexandre - On U.S. Decision to Enter War, 1917
Article Richards, Frank
Article Richthofen, Lothar von
Article Richthofen, Manfred von
Article Richthofen, Manfred von, Crash Site
Article Rickenbacker, Eddie
Article Rifle House Cemetery
Article Rifle, Ross
Article Rifles
Article River, W H - Repression of War Experience (1917)
Article Robertson, Alexander (A Dream of New College...)
Article Robertson, Alexander (The New Aeneid)
Article Robertson, William
Article Robey, George - If You Were The Only Girl (Song 1916)
Article Robins, George U. (Ivinghoe Hill)
Article Robins, George U. (The Soldier's Game)
Article Robinson, S J (War Poetry)
Article Rockefeller, John D - Fundraising (Speech 1917)
Article Rocket, Le Prieur
Article Rodzianko, Mikhail
Article Romania During the First World War
Article Romania's Declaration of War with Austria-Hungary, 1916
Article Romani, Battle of
Article Roosters Concert Party - If You Want to... (1929)
Article Rosenberg, Isaac
Article Rosenberg, Isaac (Geoff Akers on life of)
Article Rosenthal, Charles
Article Rose of No Man's Land, The - W. Thomas (Song, 1916)
Article Rose of No Man's Land, The - Henry Burr (Song, 1918)
Article Roses of Picardy - McCormack, John (1919)
Article Rose-Troup, J. M. (Harrow's Honour)
Article Rose-Troup, J. M. (Listeners, The)
Article Rose-Troup, J. M. (What is War?)
Article Rosner, Karl - Retreat to the Hindenburg Line, 1917
Article Rosner, Karl - On Kaiser's Reaction to 2nd Marne, 1918
Article Ross Rifle
Article Rosyth Naval Port
Article Route, La (Voie Sacree)
Article Roy, Indra Lal
Article Royal Court Orchestra - Our Whistling Tommies (Song)
Article Royal Flying Corps, Memoirs of Service in
Article Royal Flying Corps, Memoir of Aug-Nov 1918
Article Royal Flying Corps, Memoir of Flying Circus
Article Royalty
Article Royalty, Photographs of
Article Ruffey, Pierre
Article Rumey, Fritz
Article Runner, Memoir of a
Article Runners, Trench
Article Rupprecht, Crown Prince
Article Rupprecht, Crown Prince - Footage of
Article Rupprecht, Crown Prince - Report on Somme Offensive
Article Russell, Sir Andrew
Article Russia, Germany's Declaration of War with, 1914
Article Russia, Serbia's Appeal for Assistance, 1914
Article Russia's Declaration of War with Bulgaria, 1915
Article Ruzsky, Nikolai

A Battery was a group of six guns or howitzers.

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