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Delville Wood - the South African memorial on the Somme This area of the website provides an A-Z listing of First World War terms, personalities, biographical sketches, battles, weaponry, etc.  All material listed by category elsewhere in the site is contained within this section.

Conversely many articles are solely listed within the encyclopedia given that they do not sit comfortably within any existing category.

The encyclopedia is grouped alphabetically. This page lists entries grouped under the letter 'D'.

Article Dalhart, V & Price, G - Till We Meet Again (Song 1918)
Article Daily Mirror UK Newspaper, 4 August 1914
Article Dallas, Roderic
Article Dallolio, Alfredo
Article Dalziel, Harry - Story of V.C.
Article Daniels, Josephus
Article Daniels, Josephus - Account of Belleau Wood, 1918
Article Daniels, Josephus - Official Report on U.S. Navy, 1918
Article Daniels, Josephus - The Navy is Ready (Speech 1918)
Article Danilov, Yuri
Article Dankl, Viktor Graf
Article D'Annunzio, Gabriele
Article Dardanelles Bombardment, Initial
Article Dardanelles Commission
Article Dardanelles Narrows, Attempt to Force the
Article Dardanelles Narrows, Nevinson's View of Attempt to Force
Article Dardanelles Narrows, U.S. View of Attempt to Force
Article Davidson, Sir John - On Third Ypress, 1917
Article Davison, Emily - Footage of Epsom Derby 1913
Article Dawson, Peter - A Bachelor Gay (Song 1917)
Article Dawson, Peter - Little Grey Home in the... (Song 1912)
Article Day by Day Chronology
Article DCLI (The Bluff) Cemetery, 1st
Article Debeney, Marie-Eugene
Article Declaration of Neutrality, Italian, 1914
Article Declaration of War, Austria with Serbia, 1914
Article Declaration of War, Germany with Russia, 1914
Article Declaration of War, Italy with Germany, 1915
Article Declaration of War, Russia with Bulgaria, 1915
Article Declaration of War, U.S. with Central Powers, 1917
Article Declarations of War, Summary of
Article Decree on Peace 1917, Lenin's
Article Defence of the Realm Act, U.K., 1914
Article Deflector Gear
Article Degoutte, Jean - On U.S. Role at 2nd Marne
Article Deguise, Victor
Article Deimling, Theobald von
Article de la Mare, Walter
Article de Lapeyrere, Augustin Boue
Article Delcasse, Theophile
Article de Lisle, Henry de Beauvoir
Article Delville Wood, Battle of
Article Delville Wood Cemetery
Article Delville Wood, Memoir of
Article Delville Wood South African Memorial
Article Denham, Victor - Captivity in the Ardennes (Memoir)
Article Denikin, Anton
Article Denikin, Anton - On Mutiny in Russian Army
Article Dennys, Richard Molesworth (Better Far To Pass Away)
Article Denore, Bernard - The Retreat from Mons (Memoir)
Article Denta, Franz Baron Rohr von
Article Derby, Lord
Article Derby Scheme
Article de Robeck, John
Article De Souza, Count - Commentary on Neuve Chapelle, 1915
Article d'Esperey, Franchet
Article d'Esperey, Franchet - On Vardar Offensive (1)
Article d'Esperey, Franchet - On Vardar Offensive (2)
Article Deullin, Albert Louis
Article Deutschland, German Submarine's Arrival in U.S.
Article Diary, Edwin Evan Jones
Article Diary, Robert Lindsay Mackay
Article Diary, Thomas Littler
Article Diary, William Whitmore
Article Diaz, Armando
Article Diaz, Armando - Announcing the War's End
Article Diaz, Armando - On Victory Against Austria-Hungary
Article Dickson, A. A. - Varieties of Trench Life (Memoir)
Article Dick, W. R. - La Vacquerie (Memoir)
Article Diependaalhock Bunker
Article Dimitrijevic, Dragutin
Article Dinant, Capture of
Article Distinguished Conduct Medal
Article Distinguished Flying Cross
Article Distinguished Flying Medal
Article Distinguished Service Cross (U.K.)
Article Distinguished Service Cross (U.S.)
Article Distinguished Service Order
Article Dixmude Trenches of Death
Article Djaved Bey, Mehmed
Article Djemal Pasha, Ahmed
Article Dobell, Charles
Article Dochy Farm New British Cemetery
Article Doctor Shelley - Harry Champion (Song, 1915)
Article Dogger Bank, Battle of
Article Don't Bite The Hand... - Billy Murray (Song, 1915)
Article Don't Bite The Hand... - Walter van Brunt (Song, 1916)
Article Don't Take My Darling Boy Away (Song, 1916-17)
Article Doughboys
Article Dover Barrage
Article Dover Patrol
Article Down in the U-17 - Billy Murray (Song, 1916)
Article Dragomirov, Vladimir
Article Drake, Harry - In a Billet (Memoir)
Article Dual Alliance, 1879
Article Dubail, Auguste
Article Dublin, Background to 1916 Easter Rising (1)
Article Dublin, Background to 1916 Easter Rising (2)
Article Dublin, Proclamation of Irish Republic (1916)
Article Dubois, Pierre
Article Dubois, Pierre - On the Battle of Verdun
Article Duchene, Denis Auguste
Article Dug-Out
Article Dujaila, Battle of
Article Dukhonin, Nikolai
Article Dumba, Constantin
Article Dumba, Constantin - Official Statement on 'Dumba Affair'
Article Dumba, Constantin - U.S. Demand for His Recall, 1915
Article Dum-Dum Bullet
Article Dunnite
Article Dunsterville, Lionel
Article Dwyer, E - With Our Boys At The Front (Speech, 1916)

A Battery was a group of six guns or howitzers.

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