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Article Haase, Hugo
Article Haelen, Battle of
Article Haig, Douglas
Article Haig, Douglas, 1917 Campaign Despatch
Article Haig, Douglas, Cambrai Despatch, 1918
Article Haig, Douglas, Despatches, 1916-19
Article Haig, Douglas, Final Despatch, 1919
Article Haig, Douglas, Hindenburg Line Despatch, 1917
Article Haig, Douglas, Order of the Day, 1918
Article Haig, Douglas, Somme Despatch, 1916
Article Haig, Douglas, St Eloi Despatch, 1916
Article Haber, Fritz
Article Haking, Richard
Article Haldane, Lord
Article Haldane, Lord - 1913 Film Footage of
Article Hall, William
Article Halsey, Lionel
Article Hamel Cemetery
Article Hamilton, Sir Ian
Article Hamilton, Sir Ian - Report on Battle of Sari Bair
Article Hamilton, Lloyd
Article Hamilton Gordon, Alexander
Article Hand Grenades
Article Hankey, Maurice
Article Hanna, Battle of
Article Harbord, James
Article Harding, Robert - Those Desert Days (Memoir)
Article Harding, Warren G
Article Harding, Warren G - Acceptance Speech (1919)
Article Harding, Warren G - Inauguration Address, 1921
Article Harding, Warren G - Republic Must... (Speech 1917)
Article Hardy, Thomas
Article Harington, Charles
Article Harlan, Byron G - Aba Daba Honeymoon (1914)
Article Harmsworth, Alfred
Article Harrach, Count von; Account of 28 June 1914
Article Harris, Guy - Sergeant Solomon Isaacstein (1916)
Article Hartlepool and Scarborough, Raid on
Article Harvey, F.W. (A People Renewed)
Article Harvey, F.W. (Cricket: The Catch)
Article Harvey, F.W. (If We Return)
Article Harvey, F.W. (In Flanders)
Article Harvey, F.W. (Soldier Speaks, The)
Article Harvey, F.W. (To His Maid)
Article Haswell, Rev. John - The Casualty (Memoir)
Article Haus, Anton
Article Hausen, Max Klemens von
Article Haverfield, Evelina
Article Haverfield, Evelina (Extended Feature)
Article Have You News Of My... - L Kirkby-Lunn (Song 1917)
Article Havrincourt, Battle of
Article Hawker, Lanoe
Article Hawthorn Crater
Article Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 1
Article Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 2
Article Hayward, Dr. John - A Casualty Clearing Station (Memoir)
Article Hazell, Tom
Article Hedge Row Trench Cemetery
Article Heeringen, Josias von
Article Heinrich, Prince
Article Helfferich, Karl
Article Heligoland Bight, Battle of
Article Helles & Anzac Cove, Landings at
Article Hellfire Corner
Article Hello Central! Give Me No Man's Land (Song, 1918)
Article Hemingway, Ernest
Article Henderson, T - Memoir of Somme 1916 (Memoir)
Article Herbert, Aubrey (R.B.)
Article Herbert, Aubrey (To R- at Anzac)
Article Here We Are Again!!! - F Wheeler (Song, 1915)
Article Hertling, Georg von
Article Hertling, Georg von - Initial Reaction to 14 Points
Article Hertling, Georg von - Reaction to Brest-Litovsk Treaty
Article Hertling, Georg von - Second Reaction to 14 Points
Article Hesketh-Prichard, Hesketh
Article Hesse, Hermann
Article Highland Battalion, Memoir of
Article Highland Regiment, Memoir of
Article High Seas Fleet (German), Scuttling of
Article High Wood, 47th London Division Memorial
Article Hill 60
Article Hill 60, Battle of
Article Hill 60, 1915 Capture of
Article Hill 62 Canadian Memorial
Article Hill, R. G. - An Old Contemptible (Memoir)
Article Hindenburg Cross (Cross of Honour 1914-18)
Article Hindenburg Line - Frederic C. Penfield on, 1917
Article Hindenburg Line - French Report on, 1917
Article Hindenburg Line - Georg Querl on, 1917
Article Hindenburg Line - Karl Rosner on, 1917
Article Hindenburg Line - William Sharp on, 1917
Article Hindenburg, Paul von
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - 1914 Film Footage of (1)
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - 1914 Film Footage of (2)
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Appeal for Peace, 1918
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - On Allied Propaganda, 1918
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - On Battle of Amiens, 1918
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - On Kaiser's Abdication, 1918
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Summary of Cambrai, 1917
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Summary of End of Verdun, 1916
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Summary of Lys Offensive, 1918
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Summary of Spring Off, 1918
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Summary of Tannenberg, 1914
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Summary of Warsaw, 1914
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Telegrams Re: Armistice
Article Hindenburg, Paul von - Warsaw Army Order, 1914
Article Hintze, Paul von
Article Hipper, Franz von
Article Hitler, Adolf
Article Hitler, Adolf - and Private Henry Tandey
Article Hitler, Adolf - First World War Service
Article Hobbs, Talbot
Article Hoch, Hoch Der Kaiser - Whit Cunliffe (Song, 1914)
Article Hodgson, William Noel (Ave, Mater - atque Vale)
Article Hodgson, William Noel (Before Action)
Article Hodgson, William Noel (Release)
Article Hodgson, William Noel (Reverie)
Article Hoffmann, Max
Article Hogue, Memoir of Sinking of, 1914
Article Hogue, British Report on Sinking of, 1914
Article Holbrook, Norman
Article Holtby, Winifred
Article Holt Tractor
Article Holtzendorff, Henning von
Article Home Front, Photographs of
Article Homes They Leave Behind, The - Maggie Teyte (Song)
Article Honour Cross of the World War 1914-18
Article Hood, Horace
Article Hooge Crater
Article Hooge Crater Cemetery
Article Hooge Crater Museum
Article Hoover, Herbert - On Polish Reconstruction
Article Hopwood, Ronald (The Old Way)
Article Horbury Soldiers, In Search of the
Article Horne, Charles F - On Zimmermann Telegram
Article Horne, Henry
Article Horses and Mules, Role of During Wartime
Article Horthy, Miklos
Article Hospital City; Etaples
Article Hossack, Anthony R. - First Gas Attack 1915 (Memoir)
Article Hotchkiss Gun
Article Hotzendorf, Conrad von
Article Hotzendorf, Conrad von - On Battle of Piave
Article Hotzendorf, Conrad von - Speech, 1916
Article House, Colonel
Article House-Grey Memorandum, 1916
Article Household Cavalry Memorial
Article Housman, Alfred Edward
Article Houston, D F - On U.S. War Readiness
Article How it Began - Origins
Article How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em... - Harry Fay (Song 1918)
Article Huddleston, Sisley - Account of Opening of Peace Conf.
Article Huebner, Henry - Service in the German Army (Memoir)
Article Huggins, Reginald - Torpedoed in the Aegean (Memoir)
Article Hughes, Billy
Article Hughes, Sam
Article Hulme, Thomas
Article Humbert, Georges
Article Hun
Article Hungary, Peace with U.S., 1921
Article Hunter, Archibald
Article Hunter's Cemetery
Article Hunter-Weston, Aylmer
Article Heinlein, Max Hussarek von
Article Hunting the Hun - Arthur Fields (Song, 1918)
Article Hussein, Sharif - 1916 Proclamation of Independence
Article Hussey, Dynely (An Oxford Retrospect: May 1915)
Article Hussey, Dynely (Easter Even)
Article Hussey, Dynely (Home-coming)
Article Hussey, Dynely (Ode to a Young Man)
Article Hussey, Dynely (Rainbow)
Article Hutcheon, Lessel (Flight to Flanders, The)
Article Hutier, Oskar von
Article Hyde Park Corner
Article Hyde Park Corner Cemetery
Article Hyder, Alan F. - A Nightmare (Memoir)
Article Hymans, Paul

A "gutzer" was slang for a stroke of bad luck.

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