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Ovillers Cemetery, on the Somme This area of the website provides an A-Z listing of First World War terms, personalities, biographical sketches, battles, weaponry, etc.  All material listed by category elsewhere in the site is contained within this section.

Conversely many articles are solely listed within the encyclopedia given that they do not sit comfortably within any existing category.

The encyclopedia is grouped alphabetically. This page lists entries grouped under the letter 'O'.

Article O. (Command of the Air)
Article O. (The Death of the Zeppelin)
Article Objectors, Conscientious
Article Observation, Aircraft
Article Observation Balloons
Article October Revolution - Alexander Mosler (Memoir)
Article O'Donnell, T.C. - Mons and Loos (Memoir)
Article Oh! How I Hate to Get Up - Arthur Fields (Song 1918)
Article Oh! How I Hate to Get Up - Eddie Cantor (Song 1918)
Article Oh! It's a Lovely War! - Courtland & Jeffries (Song 1918)
Article Oh! It's a Lovely War! - Jolly Old Fellows (Song 1930)
Article Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! - Billy Murray (Song 1917)
Article Oh, You Beautiful Doll - Billy Murray (Song 1912)
Article Okuma, Count - Ultimatum to Germany re: Tsingato
Article Old Barbed Wire, The (Song 1929)
Article Old Contemptible, Memoir of an
Article Old Contemptibles, the
Article Old Contemptibles, The (Song 1915)
Article Olieslagers, Jan
Article Ontario, Central Reg., Canadian Expeditionary Force
Article On This Day - Day by Day Chronology
Article Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery
Article Order of the Day, Douglas Haig, 1918
Article Origins of World War One, Balkan
Article Origins of World War One, Summary
Article Orlando, Vittorio
Article Orlando, Vittorio - Call for Extra U.S. Troops, 1918
Article Orpen, William
Article Osborn, Max - Memoir of Third Ypres
Article Osborn, Max - Report on Battle of Piave
Article Ostend and Zeebrugge, Raid on
Article Ostend, April 1918 Raid on - British Admiralty Report
Article Ostend, May 1918 Raid on - British Admiralty Report
Article Otranto Barrage
Article Otranto Straits, Battle of
Article Oui, Oui, Marie - Arthur Fields (Song 1918)
Article Ourcq River, German Reaction to Battle of, 1914
Article Ourcq River, Memoir of Battle of, 1914
Article Ourcq River, Proclamation on Battle of, 1914
Article Our Whistling Tommies - Royal Court Orchestra (Song)
Article Over There - Noira Bayes (Song, 1917)
Article Over There - Enrico Caruso (Song, 1918)
Article Over There - Billy Murray (Song, 1918)
Article Over The Top
Article Ovillers Cemetery
Article Owen, H Collinson - On Turkish Surrender of Gallipoli
Article Owen, Thomas A. - Stand To on Givenchy Road (Memoir)
Article Owen, Wilfred
Article Owen, Wilfred - Not So Hidden Agendas
Article Oxford Road Cemetery

A "gutzer" was slang for a stroke of bad luck.

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