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Article Kaledin, Alexei
Article Kamio, Mitsuomi
Article Karl I, Emperor
Article Karl I, Emperor - Abdication Proclamation
Article Karl I, Emperor - On Ukraine Peace
Article Karl I, Emperor (Speech, 1916)
Article Karolyi, Count
Article Kato, Baron - Rationale for War with Germany, 1914
Article K-K-K-Katy - Billy Murray (Song, 1918)
Article Kazakov, Alexei
Article Keep The Home Fires Burning - J McCormack (1917)
Article Keep the Trench Fires Burning for the... (Song, 1918)
Article Keil, Franz von
Article Kemal Pasha, Mustafa
Article Kenway, A. B. - Messines, October 1918 (Memoir)
Article Kerenski, Alexander
Article Kerenski, Alexander - On Unrest in Russia, 1917
Article Kerenski Offensive - Alexei Brusilov on Operations During
Article Kerenski Offensive - Alexei Brusilov on Start of, 1917
Article Kervarec, Henri - Report on Battle of Piave River
Article Kettle, Thomas
Article Keyes, Roger
Article Khadairi Bend, Battle of
Article Khalil Pasha
Article Khanaqin, Battle of
Article Kiel Canal
Article Kiel Mutiny
Article Kiggell, Launcelot
Article Kilmer, Alfred Joyce
Article Kindley, Field
Article King, Elwyn
Article Kipling, Rudyard
Article Kirby & Cove - When You're A Long Way...  (Song, 1916)
Article Kirchner, Raphael
Article Kirchner, Raphael - Work of
Article Kirkby-Lunn, L - Have You News Of My.. (Song 1917)
Article Kirkby, Stanley - Somewhere in France... (Song)
Article Kirkby, Stanley - Till The Boys Come Home (Song)
Article Kirkby, Stanley - We Didn't Want To Fight (Song)
Article Kirkpatrick, John Simpson
Article Kirschstein, Hans
Article Kiss, Josef
Article Kitchener, Herbert
Article Kitchener, Herbert and U.K. propaganda
Article Kitchener, Herbert - Guidance to British Soldiers
Article Kitchener, Herbert - Report on Sari Bair
Article Kitchener's Lost Staff
Article Kite Balloon, Memoir of
Article Kluck, Alexander von
Article Kluck, Alexander von - Account of 1st Battle of Marne
Article Knight, Chris - A Cavalry Brigade at Cambrai (Memoir)
Article Kolchak, Alexander
Article Korber, Ernst von
Article Kornilov, Lavr
Article Kovess, Hermann
Article Kramar, Karel
Article Kressenstein, Kress von
Article Krithia, First Battle of
Article Krithia, Second Battle of
Article Krithia, Third Battle of
Article Krivoshein, Alexander
Article Krobatin, Alexander von
Article Krobatin, Alexander von - Account of Przemysl Surrender
Article Krobatin, Alexander von - Account of Gorlice-Tarnow
Article Kruisstraat Craters
Article Kühlmann, Richard von - On Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty
Article Kühlmann, Richard von - On October Revolution
Article Kun, Bela
Article Kuropatkin, Alexei
Article Kut-al-Amara, Capture of
Article Kut-al-Amara, Siege of
Article Kut-al-Amara, Siege of - 1st British Communiqué
Article Kut-al-Amara, Siege of - 2nd British Communiqué
Article Kut-al-Amara, Siege of - 3rd British Communiqué
Article Kut-al-Amara, Siege of - Austrian Report
Article Kut-al-Amara, Siege of - British Memoir
Article Kut, First Battle of
Article Kut, Second Battle of

Prevalent dysentery among Allied soldiers in Gallipoli came to be referred to as "the Gallipoli gallop".

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