Encyclopedia - Madsen Gun

Madsen machine gun Although not in widespread use during the First World War, the Madsen machine gun was deployed in 1914 by the German Army in 7.92mm calibre.

Developed in 1896 in Denmark by Captain W. O. Madsen of the Danish artillery - and adopted by Denmark in 1903 - the Madsen  was produced to an unusual design.  Considered a reliable weapon it was recoil operated and offered a theoretical cyclic rate of 450 rounds per minute, loaded via an overhead magazine.

The weapon was extensively used by the Russian Army during the Russo-Japanese War of war.  Produced to a number of varying calibres the Madsen - one of the first light machine guns - continued to be used by smaller nations in the post-war years, although it was considered expensive to produce.

'Whippet' was a term used to describe any light tank.

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