Encyclopedia - Bergmann MG15 nA Gun

Although by no means supplanting the widespread and effective Maschinengewehr 08, the Bergmann 7.92mm machine gun (the MG15 nA) was adopted by the German Army in 1915 as a means of meeting increasing demand for the machine gun as a battlefield weapon, and was also adopted by the nascent air service.

The MG15 nA proved far lighter than the renowned MG08.  It was not as reliable as the MG08 however.  Originally water-cooled the model was subsequently modified to replace the water-jacket with a perforated jacket to facilitate air cooling.  It was fed via a 200-round belt up to a theoretical cyclic rate of 500 rounds per minute, although it tended to overheat after just 300 rounds. 

The MG15 nA's range was 400m, the weapon being a designated close-range weapon.  Often compared to the British Lewis light machine gun, the latter was usually regarded as the better, more reliable weapon.

Ack Ack was a term used to describe anti-aircraft fire.

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