Battles - The Eastern Front

East Prussian refugeesThis section contains details of the significant battles and actions fought on the Eastern Front during the First World War.  Included is perhaps the war's most sweepingly successful victory at Tannenberg in August 1914, which ended with the Russian commander Samsonov committing suicide.

Also included are critical encounters at Stalluponen and at Masurian Lakes.

Additional entries will be added periodically.

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Engagement Date
ArticleBattle of Stalluponen Opened 17 August 1914
ArticleBattle of Gumbinnen Opened 20 August 1914
ArticleBattle of Tannenberg Opened 26 August 1914
ArticleFirst Battle of the Masurian Lakes Opened 9 September 1914
ArticleBattle of Bolimov Opened 31 January 1915
ArticleSecond Battle of the Masurian Lakes Opened 7 February 1915
ArticleBattle of Lake Naroch Opened 18 March 1916
ArticleBattle of Lutsk Opened 4 June 1916

A 'flying pig' was a mortar bomb.

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