Battles - The Gallipoli Front

Horse-drawn ambulance at HellesThis section contains details of the battles and actions fought on the Gallipoli Front during the First World War.

Thus the Entente Powers' initial attempts at storming the Dardanelles solely via naval means alone is documented, as are subsequent attempts at winning control of the region by land means - ultimately without success.

The scope of operations in Gallipoli encompassed a twelve-month period from February 1915 through to the Allied evacuation in December 1915 and January 1916.

Additional entries will be added periodically.

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Engagement Date
ArticleGallipoli Front - An Overview Primer to events in Gallipoli
ArticleInitial Dardanelles Bombardment Opened 19 February 1915
ArticleAttempt to Force the Narrows Opened 18 March 1915
ArticleLandings at Helles & Anzac Cove Opened 25 April 1915
ArticleFirst Battle of Krithia Opened 28 April 1915
ArticleCounter-attack at Eski Hissarlik Opened 1 May 1915
ArticleSecond Battle of Krithia Opened 6 May 1915
ArticleTurkish attack at Anzac Cove Opened 19 May 1915
ArticleThird Battle of Krithia Opened 4 June 1915
ArticleBattle of Gully Ravine Opened 28 June 1915
ArticleAttack on Achi Baba Opened 12 July 1915
ArticleLandings at Suvla Bay Opened 6 August 1915
ArticleBattle of Lone Pine Opened 6 August 1915
ArticleBattle of Sari Bair Opened 6 August 1915
ArticleBattle of the Nek Opened 6 August 1915
ArticleBattle of Hill 60 Opened 21 August 1915
ArticleBattle of Scimitar Hill Opened 21 August 1915
ArticleEvacuation of Gallipoli Opened 18 December 1915

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