Battles - The Mesopotamian Front

British transport mules in Mesopotamia This section contains details of the major actions fought on the Mesopotamian Front - present-day Iraq - during the First World War.

These include the many epic struggles fought along the banks of the River Tigris; from the seemingly unstoppable advance of the British throughout 1915 to the resurgence of their Turk opposition in 1916 culminating in the British humiliation at Kut-al-Amara in April 1916.

British fortunes revived however with the appointment of Sir Frederick Stanley Maude as regional Commander-in-Chief, as success after success finally led to complete British victory in the region in October 1918.

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Engagement Date
ArticleCapture of Basra Opened 5 November 1914
ArticleBattle of Qurna Opened 3 December 1914
ArticleBattle of Shaiba Opened 11 April 1915
ArticleCapture of Amara Opened 31 May 1915
ArticleBattle of Nasiriyeh Opened 27 June 1915
ArticleCapture of Kut-al-Amara Opened 28 September 1915
ArticleBattle of Es Sinn Opened 28 September 1915
ArticleBattle of Ctesiphon Opened 2 November 1915
ArticleSiege of Kut-al-Amara Opened 7 December 1915
ArticleBattle of Sheikh Sa'ad Opened 6 January 1916
ArticleBattle of the Wadi Opened 13 January 1916
ArticleBattle of Hanna Opened 21 January 1916
ArticleBattle of Dujaila Opened 8 March 1916
ArticleFirst Battle of Kut Opened 5 April 1916
ArticleBattle of Khanaqin Opened June 1916
ArticleSecond Battle of Kut Opened 13 December 1916
ArticleBattle of Khadairi Bend Opened 9 January 1917
ArticleBattle of Nahr-al-Kalek Opened 26 February 1917
ArticleCapture of Baghdad Opened 11 March 1917
ArticleSamarrah Offensive Opened 13 March 1917
ArticleSeizure of Falluja Opened 19 March 1917
ArticleBattle of Jebel Hamlin Opened 25 March 1917
ArticleBattle of Shiala Opened 11 April 1917
ArticleBattle of Istabulat Opened 21 April 1917
ArticleBattle of the Boot Opened 30 April 1917
ArticleBattle of Ramadi Opened 28 September 1917
ArticleCapture of Tikrit Opened 5 November 1917
ArticleBattle of Sharqat Opened 29 October 1918

A "Communication Trench" was a narrow trench constructed at an angle to a defensive trench to permit concealed access to the defensive trench.

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