Battles - The War at Sea

German cruiser the ScharnhorstThis section contains details of the major actions fought at sea during the First World War and includes the greatest naval action of the war, at Jutland in 1916 - an inconclusive battle that continues to generate debate today (Germany won the tactical victory but the British claimed the more-important strategical success).

Also included are details of other significant encounters such as those at the Falkland Islands and at Dogger Bank.

Additional entries will be added periodically.

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Engagement Date
ArticleBattle of Heligoland Bight Opened 28 August 1914
ArticleBattle of Coronel Opened 1 November 1914
ArticleBattle of the Falkland Islands Opened 8 December 1914
ArticleRaid on Scarborough and Hartlepool Opened 16 December 1914
ArticleBattle of Dogger Bank Opened 24 January 1915
ArticleBattle of Jutland Opened 31 May 1916
ArticleBattle of Otranto Straits Opened 14 May 1917
ArticleRaid on Zeebrugge Opened 23 April 1918

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