Battles - The Palestine Front

Photograph of Sir Edmund Allenby This section contains details of the major actions fought on the Palestine Front during the First World War.

Aside from the three Gaza battles the list also includes British General Allenby's timely implementation of Prime Minister Lloyd George's directive to capture Jerusalem by Christmas 1917.

He did so, with two weeks to spare.

Additional entries will be added periodically.

Engagement Date
ArticleDefence of the Suez Canal Opened 3 February 1915
ArticleBattle of Romani Opened 3 August 1916
ArticleFirst Battle of Gaza Opened 26 March 1917
ArticleSecond Battle of Gaza Opened 17 April 1917
ArticleThird Battle of Gaza Opened 31 October 1917
ArticleBattle of Beersheba Opened 31 October 1917
ArticleBattle of Mughar Ridge Opened 13 November 1917
ArticleFall of Jerusalem Opened 8 December 1917

One in five of the Australians and New Zealanders who left their country to fight in the war never returned; 80,000 in total.

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